Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bits n Bobs

I visited Scrapstore a week or so back and picked up 2 tea towels, tucking them into the bag of bits I had opted to take home with me, in exchange for a small amount of cash. 
Odd I thought at the time, to see good tea towels in there, but I can always use more tea towels...
But when I took them out at home, to throw them in the washing machine, they both had embroidery threads attached to them!
But Ive never seen threads stitched to a tea towel in this way!
Any ideas anyone?

any ideas if these are edible anyone?
They are growing magnificently in a raised bed out back but I darent taste them !
I filled the beds with B&Q  bags of peat and soil and also some home made compost.......and they hadnt ever grown before...they are probably about 12cm across, maybe abit more and the edges have turned all wavy this past couple of days...very pretty!

...and they smell yummy!

Cant recall if Ive already posted these bits I made....made them this past week or so...but only now notice that Ive stitched an odd shaped petal on the orangey one lol will need trimming back!

and afew odds and ends..wristlets of one shape or another, pins and plushie owls.

I made this velcro on/off, A3 sized torso resource last week at work, for a child with very little sight.

I had such fun shaping, making and putting it together, ferreting in my boxes of work fabrics for different textures for each of the organs, that it wasnt until Id completed the intestines and positioned them.....
that I realised - using the shag pile-like fabric for the lower intestine area... could give the wrong impression of what it was meant to be....
see what I mean?

shows how dumb I am at times lolol
mind you the teacher took it anyway...assurng me it would be fine! this space.
Me thinks I may hear more about this resource .... after its classroom


  1. I've seen what they call 'huck stitchery' done on tea towels. couldn't find a good link to show you what they look like, but I'll bet that was the intention. Pretty mushrooms but I wouldn't dare eat them. Bet they'd be good for natural dyeing.

  2. try this link for the huck stitchery:

  3. LOL! I look forward to hearing reports from the class. Your floss and towel is puzzling. I wonder if someone bought it as a kit or for a class? Regardless, it has found a good home now.

  4. i wouldn't eat them but i think they are mushrooms rather than toadstools. generally mushrooms have different length flutes underneath - short and long - which yours do, and they smell like mushrooms, toads don't. you know that mushroomy smell, and it does smell yummy.
    however, not all mushrooms are safe, so as i said - don't eat them just in case
    But - you could try dyeing with them! put them in an underwear washing bag and boil up for an hour, even try chopping up first but beware of spores.
    thankyou for all that info on the mahonia, i'll try to get some bark.

  5. My garden has the mushrooms too, they appeared a few months ago and recently after heavy rains. I have seen threads stored in this way in hemmed pieces of old sheeting, rolled and folded again in a small hand made bag. Was told some years ago that dedicated embroiders did it to keep them together for the project,to keep them clean from dust and smut (airbourne coal dust) and the handling of the cloth unraveling cleans any contamination off the hands.Now we have plastic bags and containers !

  6. Thanks never occured to me to dye with them......duhhh but am going to try and maybe they will be 'magic mushrooms' afterv all!



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