Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas makes - better late than never

 A short post in between high temps, shivering and throwing up.......oh the joys of viruses..
Hadnt posted these yet so heres a taster of what I was doing before the virus struck...and before I go back to bed to sweat it out.

I like less on a wreath, that they look more natural, no probably more naieve maybe. Anyway I think this one is done, dont think Id put anything else on this one. I should have bought more of the small trees, they were around last year in packs of 5 or 6 for not alot, in one of the cheapy stores.
Thought at the time I could use them this year for wreaths, despite them being different glitzy colours and glitz and new, not being my normal style.
I sat and made ALOT of wreaths in the summer so have
plenty yet to faff with lol
I used bits of felted woollies for the stars on this one.

I get regular digests from Craftside which highlights blogs worth looking at, tutorials etc. One recent blog post was interesting and Im sorry to say I hadnt taken down the blog name to be able to link to her...dam it.

But the lass had used fabric sample books, especially using the paper backed pieces of the sample pages you know?
Its virtually impossible to tease the fabric off the paper backing so you tend to throw them out and concentrate on onlyusing the central area of fabric to work with.

Anyway the lass had made up cards layering the paper backed fabric pieces, which made me think....
So I've used here the strips of blinds samples you get from time to time
and made up some cards to sell off in packs hopefully, or to use as stocking fillers if not!

Funny how one idea brain storms into another!
The fabric samples Id read about, were stuck down with a glue gun and lastly ironed flat to reactivate the glue and ensure a good 'stick'....I thought that was clever to iron and reactivate the glue!

Being lazy .... and having my double sided tape and pva to hand, along side the armchair.... I used tape on the thinner blind sample pieces, reinforced with pva on areas for the heavier and textured pieces.
And blimey.... you get alot of blind strips in just one sample book!
Am going to make up some christmas cards  with them next,
for myself to use.


  1. Looks like you have been very busy - hope you feel better soon!

    Pomona x

  2. I hope those nasty viruses have gone now and you're back at it, and good as new. Just wanted to drop by here and say thank you for leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog in recent weeks, Liniecat. It warms my heart when people take the time to say a few kind words and encourage me in my work. Thank you!

    Those cards made with blinds will be stellar. I'm always impressed when other people re-use these types of things. Way to go!



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