Monday, 28 November 2011

Whose bag? Work stuff and the Phillip Larkin statue in Hull

Hilly caught in the act of settling down for a snooze!

 and mid yawn......... lol

My daughter had to jazz up some alphabet letters for her store
( she's Manager for a clothing store )
so asked if she could bring them over and use my paints etc.
See! CL-arty mums are useful for some
The stores had to each jazz up old letters, then put them up on display walls, to highlight attention to the new items in the
Paul's Boutique range.
Lime green 50cm-ish high letters - what fun we had altering them!
We copper painted front and sides on some, stuck fabric on one ( because one of the new range of bags has zebra markings on it...just as well I hadnt gotten round to patchworking with that half metre!)

We used braid from former items in the range which bore the logo and (naff!) badges that had broken off bags.
(....they were much improved by cutting back this and that)

Old cork 4" alphabet letters I'd picked up once in scrapstore, were painted blue and given a new lease of life. Some fake flower petals were stuck liberally on the P, nicely hiding the fact that it had formerly been a B ... so had needed to be cut up abit.
The S got abit of foil, a few butterflyish shapes and was coated in a fine clear, silver flecked varnish layer.
I'm told they look the business up on the alcove wall in store.
And the ideas were Tylah's, I simply helped and
provided the materials.
It was good fun and we even managed a trip out to do shopping whilst some letters were drying.

One of our Peri teachers found a £47.50 'Whats in the box' activity in a catalogue to use with early years, visually impaired children.
Its a 20cm foam cube with a central 'opening' that a child can put a hand in and take out..whatever you had put in it.
It was covered in bright primary colours...........and she wanted 3 of them for teachers aides to use almost £150 for 3 resources!

So I made 3 for less than £10...........and £6 of that was for 2 x foam upholstery seat pads from Scrapstore! The textured fabrics I had at work already and were more interesting, than simply bright coloured fabric that was the same 'feel' all round.
I cadged an old electric meat carver and set to on the upholstery foam pads, carving a central square 'lift shaft' like space that would become the hidden pouch.
(I'm heaps better with a big foam block than I ever was
carving meat with an electric knife!)

Note the shaggy fabric I used for the inside feels great to thrust your hand in that. I teased a couple of tufts out on the top you'll notice too. Some blind children are what we call tactile defensive, they dont like odd feeling texctures. So they have to be coaxed into experiencing new and unusual textures and this might be a fun way of them doing that.
I forgot to take pictures of the other two but each cube had completely different textured fabrics, so TA's will be able to swap them with each other if necessary. 

Oh and I hadnt realised we had smashing statue now in the central rail station here in Hull of Phillip Larkin!
I do now!

I sincerely hope no towrag goes and steals this statue for scrap metal.
We have had locally an increase in theft of statues, war memorial plaques, manhole covers and grave plaques, .............I ask you!!!

A 5' 9", 300kg, stunning bronze statue standing on a 5' plinth beside the River Humber was hauled away recently and believed to have been sold for £3000 as scrap metal. It had cost £40,000....
The bronze statue was one of a pair, with the other located in the Icelandic fishing town of Vik and had been presented to Hull by the visiting Icelandic Prime Minister.
Called 'Voyage' it was made by Icelandic sculptor Steinunn Thorarinsdottir and unveiled in 2006 to mark 1000 years of trading and seafaring history between the city and its Scandinavian neighbours.
The other statue stands in the Icelandic town of Vik.
Voyage statue1                      ​Voyage plinth           

(An archive picture of Hull's Voyage statue and not my photographic handiwork! Taken from the This is Hull website.)

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