Sunday, 13 November 2011

Martin Waters Poppy Drift at Hull Trinity Church

Just look...............
Martin was artist in residence a while back at Spurn Head here in East Yorkshire and has made all manner of amazing art works, using the detrious that washes up on our shores.
(An appalling comment about our culture and the waste of materials we leave behind us.... but Martins clever art from rubbish, highlights the issues wonderfully.)

A Poppy Drift, using the symbols of rememberance we use today, maybe also discarded after the 11th November but hopefully not discarded in quite the same  manner we throw so much else aside.

... lovely to see the poppies made by school children laid amongst the commercially made varieties.

Martins poetry formed from rubbings taken from graves in a hull cemetary.

I laid my own poppy Id been wearing this past week, down amongst the many others and walked out into the town...........feeling that I should have had another to wear, to replace the one Id left on the floor.
I felt conspicuous that Id no longer got one pinned to my chest.

We'd need zillions more poppies wouldnt we, to justly represent all the lost lives so wasted in wars.
It was a touching sight to see, this one mans take,
 on Rememberance Day.
Hull Trinity Church some 700 years of age and an Old Town street with its wonderful buildings.....Hull has some lovely old buildings.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is really poignant.

  2. love the use of grave stone rubbings, he did well to get so many words !



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