Sunday, 13 November 2011

The History Wardrobe talk - 'Titanic'

At EYES our monthly embroidery club meet yesterday we had a cracking talk, well theatrical presentation hour or so, actually. This was delightfully informative and however much it cost the group, was absolutely worth it! (£250 plus expenses but worth it!)
Wish I'd taken more photos frankly!
It is probably one of the very best and fun ways of teaching about a historical event with its individual slant on the social history and the individuals concerned.
If you have a Uk group......look out Lucy Adlington from York and the 10 various 'presentations' she performs for the The History Wardrobe.
And if your her, you will love her!

She asked not to be introduced and for this presentation, appeared on stage in a full repro costume of the day she boards the Titanic for its maiden journey.
She plays the role of a real lady who had fashion salons in the UK and US and who survived the sinking.
Lucy has a great west yorkshire accent but assumes the role of the well spoken......... nay posh! first class lady passenger arrived to board the liner.
She talked us through the design of the ship, the steerage, first and second class rooms, foods and facilities on board. She goes on to talk us tyhrough the evernts of the night and all that happened thereafter.
She brought a wide selection of clothing, much original from the period and iwas very knowledgeable about the social history surrounding the events and of many of the characters involved.
She even stripped off the outer hobble skirt and matching jacket and stood in original design underwear and corset so you can see how blummin impractical it all was...............especially for clambouring into lifeboats!.........let alone walking and sitting down.
A cracking presentation and would love to see the others she does!

I have no financial interest in her business but do urge you to sign her up for your group, school or was afun, learning experience and of interest on so many levels, history, womens fashion, embroidery and textiles to name but afew!

Our sales table at club has been gifted shed loads of a members and of cousre I bought some bits lol ( you see, no self discipline at all!)
3 for a pound...........well you couldnt NOT buy could you..........there must still be two more in my handbag lol I bought 18 of them !
My justification is that since my lovely honourary sister is over from Australia and staying with me the wknd of the 25th Nov.........I wont be going to the Knitting & Stitching show in have saved myself pounds not going!
You recognise that logic dont you...........! Yeyyyyyyy!

I was wondering about the tea towels in the previous post, with the threads attached to them...thanks Deanna, Id not heard of Huck embroidery at all !
Some folks are really organised ( nope, not me .....) and I wondered if it might simply have been cloths to lay across a ladys ( or gents) lap, to lay (maybe a dark...) aida on, for easy working?
All the threads there at hand, a light background for the work to sit on and a wrapping for all the makings, easy to bundle and roll up when youve finished?
Interesting to see threads presented like that all the same.


  1. What a great idea - wish I had been there!
    I think you are correct about the organised embroidery person. One of my friends always brings her work wrapped in a small white linen table cloth, that she spreads out to work on, no matter where she is. She does not attach her threads to it though.

  2. Love those silk threads. Thanks for the link to the history wardrobe - it looks fantastic.

  3. Thanks for dropping in both :)