Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What do you think these are then?

 Small brains?
I fancy stitching them onto collages..........any idea what they are ?
I know - but do you?

I took a picture of all three of those foam cubes, mentioned in the last post....
One has already been tested with a child, small items were placed inside and one at a time taken out, handled by the VI child and then described to the adult. Stimulating both conversation and tactile recognition skills.

Today I was finishing off this activity.......with carrots to post in a rabbits mouth.
In the education catalogues they sell for £25 each.
I was asked to make a rabbit with carrots to post into his mouth, a dog with bones and a cat with mice.

I used a shoe box to make him.
The lid for the head, the base cut down, for the tray that sits flat behind the head, to catch the carrots.
I made it so that the tray can be lifted up, as it is here and fitted into the back for carriage.
That sounds skew whiff, only took one photo of this but will take more of the dog and cat, so you can see how it was done.
Here is a dog with the tray lifted up at the back.

The dog outline is cut out from the lid of a wide shoe box.
I cut almost the same shape out of mountcard and stuck it behind this red side, for added strength.
I will cover the front with fur fabric next.

What you see here is the foreshortened base of the shoe box, shortened (left to right here) in its length, so it will seat into the lid front 'head' for the activity of posting the bones through dogs mouth.
Velcro  attachments will help keep the base stable and I will take pics of that too, in case you want to see how it is made.
After playing with it, the base can be lifted ( right side upwards) so it fits together like a box for easy carriage, as in the first picture above. Obviously the head will be higher at the front but it means the bones can be carried in the box container.
I'll be finishing it at work tomorrow, so will take more pics of ther process then.

One of our deaf members of staff had bought a huge Rudolf head off Ebay, to use at the deaf childrens xmas party on saturday.
But she had wanted a more vibrant red nose and also hearing aides fitted....lol
So after abit of altering.............

They are not good photos of the hearing aides he now has in sadly.
But I cut  foam shapes for the hearing aides behind the ears, ( stitched into place) and used plastic tubing from them which led into each ear.
I pushed the tubing into the backs of bright pink and purple covered buttons to represent the ear insert themselves.
These too were stitched into place, so Rudolf will be able to bop about at the party and they wont fall out!
And to think they call this work......!

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  1. Lyn, oh my gosh, you've been a creative whiz these last weeks!!! I feel like I know what the spice is but can't come up with it. You must tell me. I love all the children's things you've made, they are lucky to have you. And I can feel the joy you get out of creating them. Your daughter's project turned out great, too! Very fun to catch up. We had a new baby girl born this week, so I've been helping my daughter quite a bit. This weekend will be for blog-reading and book reading!



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