Friday, 28 October 2011

Searchlights and moths?

Searchlight like, lights from the fair that takes place here in Hull each October. Its on common ground that lays beside the road that runs parallell to my own road. I didnt go for a wander this year, but no matter, the atmosphere is there to see in the sky, each time I let the dog out for a tiddle!
The beams, looking paler here than they actually are, skid across the sky and uplight the underside of the clouds. I could almost hear the wailing sirens that would have accompanied the old war time searchlights......even though I HONESTLY wasnt alive back then.....Ive seen it on the tele lol

And this is the third Mr Finch creation I have bought, but this one must go as a christmas gift.............I simply must not keep this for msyelf as well! But I love the use ofthe old textiles and here, the tapestry.
It works so well as wings!

The house is up for sale and not a soul has been to see it! So its hard not to think Fate is telling me stay ~ but its early days so I will give it another month or three, before I change my mind about moving....again!
Meanwhile I am decluttering bit by bit.............some stash to Scrapstore, some to the charity shop, some to a crafting colleague and alot still left to re-sort or keep.............
Work is having a shake up and the Service itself is undergoing a radical change, so we all wait with bated breath, to see if our jobs are going to be kept on, altered or downgraded in any way.
Not great for morale let's face it but not worth worrying about it yet. Time for that when I know if Im being made redundant and at the rate 'they' are making decisions, I could be waiting for a long time for news....
Okay best crack on with the sorting stuff out.

Hope all is well with you folks !


  1. I need something to force me to declutter as well. No chance of me selling my house. I plan to be here for a very long time. I know what it's like to be on edge about losing your job. Hopefully all will be well. Sending good wishes from this side of the world.

  2. Just left a comment and forgot to enter the silly safety letters......duh! Love the moth, but why not keep this one and make another for your friend - I'm sure you could make one just as good, or better and Lyn-made would have more impact!

  3. Lyn, the moth is fabulous and I agree the tapestry is perfect for the wings. I'm sure you could rationalize keeping it somehow! The housing market is very slow here, too. The world is slow, I guess. But it just takes the right buyer.

  4. Thanks for dropping in ladies.
    Decluttering is a good idea, especially doing it before i go to the next stitching show........its going to save me pounds. Why? because Ive found so many things Ive bought over the last 4 years that Id forgotten I had, couldnt find or had put somewhere safe....
    Half of which were on my wish list for this months show!
    So Ive saved so much all ready............!
    And Ive Ebayed quite abit so ahve some justifiable to spend, money to goto the show with lol
    Well, thats my logic anyway....

  5. Hi Liniecat

    I just found your blog as you became a follower of mine. I just love your sense of humor! I'm going to follow your blog from now on. Thanks!




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