Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Time flies...

Ive been a bit preoccupied and times flown by.......but Ive finally come to a decision and put my home on the market. Not that much is selling at the moment though!
Ive been worrying and wittering away, over whether I should try and sell my old 1903 home and  - find a shed in the middle of a field somewhere lol

Im pretty much surrounded by rental properties here, the kind  that have been divided into flats and tennants come and go, generally investing nothing at all in the street or community.

So Im testing the market I suppose in the hope ( I think..) that someone will waltz along and buy my house, hopefully quickly, so I havent time to think about what I've done!

I find myself swinging tween wanting to stop work and living more cheaply in a static mobile home ( trailer ) although by choice I'd prefer a roomy Lodge. Or buying a smaller place, in probably as rental an area hereabouts, but maybe with a small conservatory, loft conversion or parking.

Another bricks and mortar or a Lodge, means I have to have a small mortgage again and that means I have to stay at work for afew more years to pay it off. So no point moving at all, unless its to somewhere with more to offer me, in one way or another.

A static although maybe too small really, I could buy outright and then leave work, live pretty much in the country and take life easier altogether. Id find SO much to do though I know it lol

But statics and lodges devalue so, and I'm worried the kids won't be able to sell it and get anything much back off it, when I've gone. They offer a lifestyle change though and maybe thats the charm of them.

So thats why Ive not been blogging........and I still dont know if I'm doing the right thing, so have thrown it to Fate....to see what happens lol

The other day, I was driving round looking at areas, with houses in I'd seen online that might be worth a look at. I pulled in to look again at the map, looked up and saw............ this bird!
 The fence was gnawed in so many places, I reckon he was well used to being there and this was maybe his evening constitutional. But it was abit of a surprise never the less!
I suppose they must have had his wing feathers clipped so he doesnt fly away.

He stopped briefly and stared at me to see what I was doing maybe, then carried on with his gnawing regardless...so funny!


  1. if it's meant to be, the house will sell. wishing you the best. beautiful colors on that bird.

  2. Lyn, you've got a lot going on, wow! I hope things continue smoothly and you get exactly what you want wherever it takes you. Could that beautiful bird have been some sort of sign, I wonder?!! I'm always looking for help in the way of things like that. ;-)

  3. good luck whatever you decide. I have a hankering for lodge living too.....in my mind it would be perfect, like being on holiday permanently.