Monday, 19 September 2011

Perle and Sloe Gin...hic!

I began sorting my Perle threads, got this far and realised.....I need more hoops!
But dont they look yummy like this?
Like tresses of multi coloured hair. Ive another bag or two to go yet as well....
I was lucky enough to have been given almost all the self colours here by a colleague who went to a miniatures club I ran a while back.
Its the variegated threads that are my favourites though and you cant have enough of those!
And here are the first few bottles of gin and vodka, liquers in the making!
The one on the left is the rich, dark elderberry and sloe gin mix, which having sipped it, is VERY promising!
Ive added abit more sugar to warm it a little.
The white bottle is vodka with 2 pkts of Werthers Toffees in it.....also an interesting taste and its still early days for that!
The other two are sloes alone in gin and still a little tart, but I have to say, that theyd be okay with tonic even now!

And the Turkish Hazlenuts are drying slowly, the nuts falling out, though these are small so may not hold nuts that worthy of eating. But the spikey surrounds are what I gathered them for anyway.
Once dried, they make interesting shapes to spray paint silver, copper or gold for Christmas wreaths or centre pieces.

The swallows have left our I guess the cold weather is about here ..... I wish them safe and well, on their long journey home.
They are what I measure our summer and winter by most of all.
They arrive and bring such pleasure in their whirling, squeeling aerobatics. Then the sky seems vacant when they leave us for warmer climates.
But who can blame them for flying away in search of warmth!


  1. I saw my first swallow last month, doing loops over a friend's lake in twilight. Beautiful to watch. Wish I was a bit closer...I'd love to sample those liqueurs!

  2. I have some of my threads on hoops like that as well. and in boxes and in baskets. i, too, love all the threads. you have a nice collection there.and yes, the variegated threads are so much fun to stitch with.

  3. Lyn, your organizing project is smart AND beautiful, will you hang them on the wall now? The liquor brews are beautiful, so glad they taste good. What do you really and truly think about the werthers -- that's the one I'm wondering about??

  4. Peggy I cant take credit for the idea! Ive seen it online 'somewhere', but cannot recall where lolol
    They are hung currently off doorhandles...much to the delight of the cats as they wander past and bat them!
    I reckon they could look great as wall art dont you?
    Now the Werthers Vodka shows alot of promise. Its early days and Ive just put the 2nd pkt of toffees in,with a little brown sugar, but its coloured and clouded up beautifully and def does pleasantly taste of toffee.
    I reckon you should give it a go! I would drink it with tonic myself, but then if its left long enough, it may thicken up more and be more liquerish. It is thickening already mind you.
    The toffees need to be battered to fit thru the bottle neck, leave them in the wrappers and clatter them with a rolling pin.
    (I took the first one or two out of the wrappers and had toffee segments flying round the kitchen!duhhhh)
    The pieces settle and cling to the inside base of the bottle, so I use a metal skewer and waggle it about, to get the pieces back in the spirit. So when I upend the bottle the toffees are further dissolved.
    How great you must be able to buy Werthers over there too? I wonder if it would work with the chocolatey ones.....which are soooooo tasty!

  5. Your threads are works of art! Have you ever tried making a simple syrup with raspberries, blueberries, etc. and add that to vodka or gin? I did it years ago and it was a taste of summer in winter. Beware that the fruit absorbs the bitterness of the alchol, so they aren't good to eat.

  6. I love to look at threads like that, hanging free.....

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog ... and especially for steering me over to Mr. Finch's etsy shop. Gorgeous. Love your perle cotton photos. We must like many of the same things ... variegated threads, peacock feathers, etc. Thanks again!



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