Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My lovely boys, bowler hats, killed catalogues and more!

My bowler hat stretcher, a rare find at the car boot last weekend  for £6. It will be great for stretching and shaping felt hats...........22", so one size will have to fit all!
 Oh and two part copies of The Fortean Times magazine whichj I had left out in the garden, beneath a tub of ivy, so they'd weather and mellow abit... 

Had been busy before the holiday............. see above.
Earthsong, is now finished, though think Ive copped out by using the small metal letter tags...

I added a sea weathered twig and piece of bone that I picked up on a beachcombing wander a while back. But thats it now, no more titivating, its done.

Yup, my three lovely boys, Grandson Jack two next month, Rocky nigh on 14 and Max, well not really sure, but suspect hes about 4 + years old. He has impossibly twisted front legs, like corgis have, almost Queen Anne furniture style !

Made it back to work after the injured ankle tendon, but its still very painful and am sure pottering about is doing me no good at all.

I had the notion to dab dye some pieces of guipure lace, and then read Shelagh Folgates instructions for the 4th Challenge and blow me, it involves dyeing! Telepathy maybe! lol
So heres the lace, never done this before and when I say dab dyeing, thats exactly what I did, dab bits of dye here and there with a sea sponge.

The bottom left figure is one of my 'Surregate Sisters', cant recall if Ive posted them before. They are made from felted woolies, each individually decorated with recycled beads, lace and a fabric printed face. Am making a batch for a craft stall later in the summer. Most of the lace here is modern guipure I picked up cheaply but the doily is hand made and vintage '50s I reckon.
Now I have been moving bedrooms about, so that I now have my daughters almost new king size cream wrought iron bed and my own double is now in the back bedoom for guests. Thats left the middle bedroom for me to now sue as a craft workroom! Naturally its too small for all the stash I have.............but bet Im not alone in that!
But whilst moving stuff, I was in search of the sinamey I knew I had, somewhere, so I could make a fascinator head base. I intend to use pieces of what I made on Shelagh Folgate's last Challenge into a fascinator. However here is a pin made from parts of the finished fabrics.
No I lied..............the picture has appeared way up top.........godamit!

Okay will try again here with a  picture lol  When at the car boot the other day and chuffed to monkeys with my bowler hat stretcher block........I picked up two more rusty bits off the ground.
So even more chuffed was I then!
I have so far only copied a Buddha piccy, torn it out and set it in position onto one of the rusty pieces and intend to use them on one of the former killed catalogues I have as WIP (- work in progress) but it speaks to me of the Kumari Princess again
Lets see if it prints here or up top again!
Nope its way up at the top again...........theres a knack to this positioning pics and I definatelty havent got it!
Anywhichways thats enough for now!

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