Tuesday, 25 May 2010

fab graffitti or art work?

One thing I did notice whilst in Spain was that graffitti must be supported in many areas. Yes there were the wanton squiggles showing 'someone was there' on house and shop walls or in underpasses here and there, but in many places there was stunning artwork.
On hoardings surrounding unused land or as above in Cartegena, on road side walls at various points, you fould humorous manga like or fantasy characters or intricate styles of art work. It was invigorating.
In Torreveija I saw that some of the hoardings had 'reserved' ( in spanish lol) on them as if artwork started at one end, was being undertaken as it went along the length of the hoardings. It apeared as if it was allocated to individuals. Though maybe the Graffitti-ists were just arrogantly selecting their own hoardings, who knows lol
It was fabulous though to see talented creativity at play rather than any amount of flyers advertising some commercial product or innane tags meaning some daft person sought attention.
I asked a bright young thing who the faces were meant to represent (above left) but she said no one, its just Graffitti...........
The top right one was beside circular metal stairs going up a level and the art work went all around the stairs there too.......though the angle I took this one photo from does make part of it look kind of like male genitalia.....and it wasnt honestly!

Im not back at work yet, having injured the tendon in my ankle whilst on hols and am unable to do much more than hobble, in OH SO much pain!  So after a taxi ride to and from Drs, am relieved to know it isnt the achilles and he couldnt feel any tear in the tendon. But am signed off for upto 2 weeks and have to keep the foot up as much as possible and not walk of course.
So back to ice packs, different anti inflamatories and pain relief.........Ive gotten through 4 books in a little over a week. Its Bank Holiday wknd looming up and Im going to be tied to the house!
Its not as if Id been doing anything daft or was inebriated, so its not like it was self inflicted... so annoying.
 Okay its pain relief time so away to hobble back to horizontal ...... and its chilly! In need of a jumper too now........lol


  1. B hell girl, what did you go and do that for. Hope it is much better now. I just love all you photos, oh where is the challenge one eh eh eh

  2. Posted! More to follow mind lol