Thursday, 6 May 2010

Catalogue killin' continues

Now inspiration strikes in the strangest ways doesnt it! There was I topping up the dogs flea 'spot' treatments and having bought a new variety of the stuff...this one comes in the foil-ish container above. Interesting shape yes? Then I'd had Philly and crackers for supper and the little tin foil lids are a nice thickness....
So .... out come the alcohol inks ....
  I used the Cranberry Adirondac Alcohol ink using a sponge, dabbing rather than painting it on, then knocked it back abit with brown paint, again dabbing it with the sponge.
I let it cure overnight and then cut down a photocopy of a PreRaphaelite Angel and glue stuck, him/her into the alcove. I painted over him/her with acrylic wax to seal it place.
(Are they androgenous them Angels?)
So quite liking the alcove effect, which fits just nicely (serendipity!)behind the larger window Id cut out, I then attached both of the above to the back of the 'killed cat'. But since the alcove sticks out at the back, I stuck it all onto a piece of neoprene foam, about 1" thick.

I had to gouge out a rough alcove shape in the foam, so the prominent alcove would lay in it.  I got the foam from Scrapstore and its pretty useful, because if you zap it with a heat gun, you can impress into it and then use it to stamp with ...
So this is where Im at with this one so far..
and remember Im taking my lead from Maggie Greys original idea of 'Killing catalogues' by burying them outside in the garden over winter.
So its inspired by her antics with catalogues of her own!
Oh I forgot, I had wafted abit of gold paint around the edges of each window. The piccy on the right shows the thickness of foam that is now backing the 'killed cat'......sorry about the un-aesthetic cans of soup!

Now in looking for something recently, I found a PHD (project half done, yup, the unbiquitous UFO)and realised it wasn't half done at all, it was virtually complete and didn't really need anything more doing to it.
So now I'm trying to decide how best to present it for hanging and so far I have splodged the edges of a canvas with colour and I may stitch the piece on that... but here it is laid on the canvas.
'Earths Layers'

Now, Ive been busy at work this past week or two making stitched items. Bean bags with fragrances but no beans in lol for example, and also this
Pepper Pig up and downy watnot toy ..
and yes, thats my left foot!

Im currently making a fabric solar system model for a totally blind child to use.......basically a strip of fabric with couched lines symbolising the orbit positions of the planets. I plan on having the different sized planets represented by diff sized balls which can be stuck on with velcro.
If its successful I will show a pic of it, well even if its not, it might give someone a laugh!
Oh and lastly here's pics of my cork board in the kitchen and my family photographs........and yes, ageing sucks!

Long post I know, but these bits whilst I think of them!

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