Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Should be packing but....

Now I should be packing for the weeks holiday tomorrow, assuming the aircraft takes off and Ryan Air dont cancel due to volcanic ash but a quick pic or two.
I have done the first something with the painted what-ever-it-is fabric  squares, that seem to be abit like tyvek fabric. I found it at Scrapstore and mentioned it in a prev blog entry but dont have the original pic of it, so do scroll back if you want to see it in its pre-faffed with state!
So here goes, a pictoral tutorial lol


Now this isnt finished yet, but having cut the painted flowers out, much like peeling an orange you know? I caught them up together in loopy form with light stitching, as in pic 2 above.
The cross piece in pic 3, was the central painted area of the original piece of fabric and I caught it up on itself, as in pic 4.
This I attached off skew on the flower shape and then carefully heat gunned/zapped it all.
It doesnt have the same zizzing qualities that tyvek has, so it was interesting to see how it altered and the dot like impressions of the original fabric, show through the paint. But, zapping it from behind last of all, made the edges disintegrate more. 
Must try to blether other test pieces in other products to se ehow that affects its behaviour too, but that will have to wait till I get back off my break. Watch this space!
Oh and heres a tactile solar system- ish I  threw together today for a totally blind child to use in class later this week.......it has a brailled text 'key' to use with it, so he can find which planet is which, well, hopefully!

 and the mixed odd shapes to the left of (large) Jupiter above, are asteroids and meteoroids, of course they are!
Oh yes and Cyndi reckons Im a 'mixed media artist'

.... so I should maybe stop calling myself a 'CLARTist' !!
Thanks Cyndi, Im chuffed to bits to be acknowldeged as an mma!
Okay cant put it off any longer, packing it is....

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