Saturday, 22 May 2010


Blues ................

Home, but with my ankle strapped up and unable to do much more than hobble and the last days over in Spain were much the same.

Whilst on volcanic rocks at the waters edge in Torrevieja, which has a lovely promenade and harbour where you can while away afew hours, where they have built huge concrete seats, painted white, on the rocks and you can sit and have the tide come in over your feet in various places....delightful!
One even has a bronze lady sat on it gazing out to sea.

So off I set over the rocks, but lost my balance on the foot with the big toe that no longer lays flat since the bunion op... counter balanced with the right foot and that ankle gave way enough for me try and stabilise myself and I felt something pull at the back of the heel............OW painful!

And the bus station was at the top of the hill = agony!

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  1. Linie- love your pictures. Thank you for taking me to another country for minuete. Hope your ankle is better. It's tough when our legs hurt and not being about to do what we want.



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