Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cartegena Roman town

Dont go on a Monday, the amphitheatre and underwater archeology museums are closed! Dam it...

Theres an impressive harbour and walkway along the prom there with a simply magnificent bronze seated man statue, whose huge! Hes there to commemorate those killed in a terrorist attack and he is simply amazing.
One pic here shows the staining at his armpit, so wonderfully has the bronze worn in the heat I suppose. His toes have the familiar green tinge to them but his back and muscles had this different hue to them.
And I was fascinated to see that in order to preserve the old buildings they must leave the old frontages, supported as you can see by scaffolding, then simply build behind it! There are some odd buildings therefore, with small sections of an old building completely enveloped by the new all round them!

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