Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Scrap happy summer Challenge!

A quick post for now to tell you about the Scrap Happy Challenge that Ive stumbled on and fancy doing along with folks, button alongside to click to see what its all about.
So Im doing Shelagh Folgates' current challenge, which is so much fun already though my fingers are now permenantly stained with dye lol and now Ems one too.
Like it sounds as if I have all the time in the world doesnt it and am well organised?
Dont hold your breath lol  but it is true, I do work best when I have deadlines, except when it comes to dieting!
And on that subject.............I've bought some scales, working up the courage to use them of course but hell, theres no rush..........I know I'm abit overweight so it wont hurt to just look at the scales a while longer will it!
If I could win Lotto, I could just have an abdominoplasty and give the scales to charity, that would be good wouldnt it? They are such depressing things to have in the house and I threw my last ones away 3 years ago, because they LIED, all the time!!

Im no longer limping.....Waheyyyyy! No longer much pain at all from the sprain and dodgy ligament, but still got abit of ankle swelling, though that is now manageable. cant drive too far though and am depserate to go beach comb........not for the driftwood and detrious but for the wind in my hair feeling. Spurn Head is calling me..........maybe theres a mermaid in my family history somewhere?
Okay, more likely, a beached whale ...

Got loads of pics to put in my next post, am making a Viking helmet at work, out of a plastic veg strainer and waste bin lol well, as you do from time to time.
Am having so much fun though its doubtful it would do much to protect the head in a fight! Have tried to take pics in stages so may post them, in just in case anyones daft enough to try and make one too!
Also picked up 35 small white cotton with lace edges ......... now they are either 1950s place mats for dressing tables etc or maybe upmarket cotton doylies, but for £2 I couldnt leave them when I saw them at car boot.
May need ideas how to use them please!  Have a couple of ideas already but will post pics prob tomorrow and would welcome any ideas that spring to mind.
Oh and picked up about 4 metres of two tone voile that had been used to festoon a window she told me, also £2...........well I couldnt leave that iether.... and I didnt feel I could haggle for either buy, felt I was getting the better deal on each purchase!

Then there's the box of test tubes........yes test tubes that I 'won' off our Freegle site, which is really a Freecycle site, but for some reason THE Freecycle folks, made Hull change the name of their site. Not sure why at all, surely its a franchise name isnt it all across the world? All very odd. But thanks to Jean who picked them up for me and whose looked after them, until she reminded me she had them! Naturally she will have some too. Now dare I put them in the dishwasher do you think???!

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