Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dyeing and wreathing!

The shibori wrap is shown above and the effect is gives, varies of course with each wrap. This tube is too small really but worked better than I'd expected. These pics compliment the previous post, better late than never.
The orange fabric is painted on fabric dye, using a toothbrush, shibori style, ie. wrapped and all scrunched up around the plastic tube, then liberally daubed and sprayed with water to encourage the colours to travel through the fabric.

The other brown rusty looking one was similarly wrapped and liquid Brusho squirted on it, using a very fine animal syringe. Then Brusho powders alone were sprinkled here and there, think I eased back afew folds too, so the powders would migrate abit.
The bluey lilac which has metallic fabric paint in amongst it .............. looks better than photographs!
The succulent plant must be about to flower unless its got an erection!
The wreaths shown here are bamboo thinnings, whichw ere still supple so bent nicely and Ive left the leaves on for effect. The clamatis frond wreath has yet to dry properly but thats it so far.

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