Monday, 14 June 2010

Trying Dyeing

My big boy above got butted out on the last post by grandson Jack's pic Rocky has his own slot here lol
Have been trying dyeing - trying being the operative word here.......
I dont have any Procion dyes so am using up what fabric dyes Ive unearthed, because of course, Im using up my stash before buying any more, right?
Wrong, of course. I bought some Crafty Notions sprays last saturday so  liberally sprayed away last saturday morning, what fun! But, when the fabrics were rinsed through, ( using rain water from the butt) so were the dyes, despite the soda bath to the fabric before hand lol

So now Im going to not wash the blessed dye out and use the fabrics as they are, rich and vibrant and the hell with it!
I will of course have to buy some Procions, but the Brusho paints gave me the subtle seascape above and the CraftyNotions sprays gave me the 3 on the line drying in the sun.
I have more, but theres only so much dyed fabric you want to look at so will post them when theyve been creatively ravaged!

Our East Yorkshire Embroidery Society had the guest speaker Kathleen Laurel Sage last saturday and she was interesting, bringing alot of her machine embroidered voile flowers with her and many pieces embroidered on plastic too.
Now next saturday theres a Yorkshire Wildlife's Secret Garden event in Pearson Park here in Hull.  Kirsty who runs The Art Box Gallery( Newland Avenue, Hull) has requested anyone interested in or practising anything arty, come along and DO something in the park.
So in support of her, Yorkshire Wildlife and Pearson Park, I intend to go along and Flower Pound.....well, less pound, more spoon really!
Im going to use some of the subtley dyed cottons I now have, since the dyes washed out so well lol and collect any fallen flower heads there in the park and 'spoon blether' them onto the fabric............cant be doing with pounding in public!
Then I will handstitch them, weather permitting of course. I will take a batch of my own flower heads just in case the flowers in the Park are not fallen, but proudly blowing in the wind! Cant be caught dead heading flowers that are alive and well, wouldnt do at all would it!

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