Monday, 21 June 2010

Now this flower is a bit different, Shelagh please take note!
This is a little something that Shelagh Folgate inspired me to make.
Go on over and take a look at her blogspot please.
The leaves are from an old voile headscarf that I found in a charity shop, 99p well spent I reckon.

I have bitten the bullit and asked to reduce my hours from 37.5 to 32 a week.
Maybe not a big jump really, but by working 8am to 4.30 monday to thursday, it will enable me to have fridays off.
A 4 day week..waheyyyy.
Or as my pal Mary said, a 3 day weekend!

Thats more crafting time for me, days out time, or grandson time, so roll on, and less time at work  !
Plus, a step towards a 3 day week and 4 day weekend maybe next year?

So what are you reading out there at the moment peoples?
Im in melt down with thrillers since injuring my ankle. Just read Blindsighted and Kisscut and now on Fractured all by Karen Slaughter.
Also found Alex Kava interesting, finished her At the Stroke of Madness recently too.
I have another Slaughter and another Kava on the bedside table and found pristine copies of Alexander McCall Smiths latest 3 books in a charity shop, so scooped them up to read too.
Did I mention the bookshelf downstairs too, with alot of paperbacks yet to be opened?
So is it specific authors we read, book covers we are attracted by or the titles that capture our imagination?
Ive begun to remember authors names that I have enjoyed reading so now have a list in my purse but confess to being drawn in by the artwork on book covers too.
You see, clever marketing that kind of artwork.

AND I found 4 National Geographic mags at the charity shop too, from 2001 with fab articles and photos, so will read them and then Citrasolve them!
Wonder if that method of daubing Citrasolve on the pages, then laying art paper within to pick up the dissolving pics would work on fabric?
Must try that, cant see why it wouldnt on the right fabrics... watch this space or if you try it before I do, please let me know how you got on!

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