Sunday, 20 June 2010

Feel good factor

I have to link to this birthday blog entry, because it's the most wonderful commentary and outlook on life and living. Its a lesson in accepting what we have, what is truly the most valuable and I cannot possibly improve on what's said there.
All too often we get wound up with the day to day hopes for 'when' and we don't see what wonderfully inspiring things are under our noses ....... and this post says it all, please take time to read it.

The above piccy is of the fossil beach at Cabo Roig in Spain, rocks with fossils that you cant miss! Talk about texture!
Am busy finishing things........anything except tidy up or cut back the front hedge - which is growing like a spiky haircut now, cos the last time I did it, I wasnt concentrating whilst using the electric hedge trimmer and it would be fair to say.........I massacred the hedge!
In trying to stay off my dodgy ankle, I am doing stuff on my lap, so UFOs and flower pins appealled to me, anything that can be hand stitched.
Of course the settee looks like a fabric wagon fell on it and there are buttons all around but you that pig in summatorother?
Thats me lol


  1. hand stitching on the sofa sounds like the perfect activity to me! sorry about your ankle...... and wow, those fossils are amazing.

  2. I can recommend it but preferably without the gammy ankle lolol and a glass of wine helps no end too!



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