Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hexi faffing and woe is me no more Sunday Muskateers!

Now I'm itching to know what the April hexi BOM is but I cant find it yet on the Yahoo groups page, frustrating that !

Since I still haven't found the hexi bed cover I started last year, but had packed away for moving, I feel I have to start another one.
I mean it HAS to be still in a box here somewhere and no, I've looked under the ironing pile lol it's not there!
So I started doodling away and am going to make a sort of doodly hexi cover, using a mix of hexi pattern ways, using predominantly batiks and white on white fabrics for the pathways round about.

Not altogether sure it will exactly follow this central plan but the hexis above, that Hilly cat is trying hard not to notice, is the centre in the diagram above, using up my soupcons for now.
I may yet embroider round one or all of them but am still in the thinking about it stage, although I did buy some variegated threads at the NEC for that purpose.

Ive laid the red star one on as you can see, but it is not a batik fabric so wont remain as part of this final design.

I took Max dog for a walk along the river bank footpaths near the out of town shopping area and I've rarely seen the Humber look so calm and flat.
The Humber is tidal and the tides riding high but here you can get an idea of how dusky and hazy the sunset was.  It was quite delightful really.
The fresh air was a real tonic after feeling so rough but my recovery is going well : )
Oh and mortified am I, since The Muskateers series has ended,
what will I watch now on a sunday evening!
Were I only younger, yes  Athos and I could have made an interesting couple ............... sighs with feeling .........
I have had an altogether change of heart about wearing,
well okay, men wearing, leather !
The Musketeers
Oh and more proof I am feeling much better!
Gordons Gin have a new brew according to an ad on tv earlier!
Gordons Gin with Elderflower
Got to trial that for medicinal purposes naturally....


  1. Oh la, those Musketeers! Haven't seen that show Down Under but I think I'd like too....

  2. Your new hexi project looks very interesting!

  3. Lyn, what a feast I've just had catching up with your adventures. You must've had a blast at that fiber show -- love that dragon and his knitted square scales! Can't wait to see what you make with those size 25 knitting needles, it'll be a good workout for your arms! ;) Your hexi cover makes me want to try making them again -- I just haven't gotten very good at making them but I love them so much. Hope you're completely recovered and oh that sweet baby girl! xoxo

  4. I was about to suggest a peek under the ironing pile for the lost hexxie quilt, but I see you've already thought of that. Really do hope it turns up soon! Don't think all that masculine leather has made an appearance on our tubeage over here as yet...might be convinced to drool a mite if it were.



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