Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The ironed and finished april hexi BOM and some stunning horses heads!

Some amazing art works of horses heads, have been officially opened for public viewing up in Falkirk and they even have them lit from within at night, so I reckon they will look even more striking then.
They were featured on the news this evening and they called them the Kelpies............which are imps of some kind as far as I recall from Brownies lol

an interesting time lapse film about their construction is here


AND take a look at these pictures !



  1. Those horses heads are quite eerily beautiful, a bit spooky and otherworldly looming up out of the landscape......isn't that what Kelpies are, fae creatures? Pretty hexie.

  2. Holy crow (or in this case holy horse!!)....those horses are beyond incredible. How I wish I could see them for real and especially at night. It was lovely to see them pictured with the real horses because it made it easier to get an idea of how big the sculptures are. (oh yeah....and your basket of posies isn't half bad either!!).

  3. This block looks great pressed or unpressed....:) Love it.