Friday, 11 April 2014

Hooky cushion completed!

Yeahhhh it's finished and I'm happy enough with it thankfully.
It's padded quite firmly, so sits really nicely in my back and does just what I hoped it would do, gives me lumbar support whilst sat sitting!

I had a length of vintage, pink crimpoline, so used that for the backing and it seems to work quite well with the colour mix on the front.
It was either that or a felted black woolly jumper, but the vintage fabric called out to me.
It's about 14" across and was quite fun to make up so think I may have to make some more.

I have an unimaginative plastic covered, circular poufe that I was going to cover with chunky knitted yarns and fabrics but I may top it with a hooky circle instead, maybe.

Now the hooky is finished I am back to making up hexis into an easter basket shape, for the BOM.
There are far too few hours in the days when you work,
I'm going to have retire!
It's our club meeting tomorrow and we have Gail Lawther coming to talk to us, again, since she's been before with her amazingly beautiful New Zealand stitcheries.
I hope to take photos so may have something interesting of hers to show you over the weekend.


  1. wow...that was fast. looks great. i talk about hexagons made from circles on my blog tomorrow. it's fast and easy.

  2. I rather envy you your lumbar support cushie at the moment. Made the mistake of rolling over in bed (!) and my back is complaining. Retiring, btw, is definitely a good thing!



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