Monday, 28 April 2014

Knitting a Winslow Homer painting!

It's not every day you get to knit pieces that will be stitched onto a sheet and that will form a knitted version, of a Winslow Homer painting!
Well that's what I was doing today along with several other volunteer ladies and a socially interesting and fun time we had too!

Sue Mcbride standing and Maureen Wilson on the left, with an enlarged, folded, photocopy of the painting, which all but covers the table in front of them.
That's Jean above right who has some smashing pictures on her blog of items being made for the exhibition by volunteer knitty folks at the moment.

those are the skirts of two of the lasses above

some pieces of sky above and below a smaller version of the painting we are recreating in knitting!

It's all to do with this Follow The Fishes exhibition which will come to Hull in june.
The play 'Tie up Your Fingers' and featuring the story of 3 herring fisher lasses will be staged at our Hull Truck Theatre and this knitted 'painting', will hang at the theatre as part of a knitting event -
much yarn bombing will take place in Hull at the end of May yeahhh!
Jean's post explains about the 1881 Eyemouth fishing disaster where 189 men were lost at sea.

Above is the upside down sky pieces and two skirts for the fisher lasses and below was the start of some big needle knitted sea! Such a lovely Greek lady this whose lived here for a couple of years and by the time she left the 'sea' must have been about 10' long!

Sue Mcbride  whose mum lives in Hull, decided to organise a knitted version of a Winslow Homer painting and encourage local folks to get involved in knitting bits, which she and her fellow 'Materialistics' member pal, Maureen Wilson would stitch to a backing sheet.

The Materialistics have done this kind of thing before, take a look!

And Sue of course is responsible for the book

Knitting for Gold -

and if you nab a copy of the current Simply Knitting magazine,
you will see the London taxi that the Materialistics wrapped in knitting, that helped bring Safia Shahs book
Carnaby Street's Great Univited, to public attention last October in London.

There is also the most divine Alan Dart pattern for Feline Flappers in the magazine too !
Okay hope that's given you an insight into why Im knitting at the moment and the hexis are on hold.
Ive starfish to knit and a large puddle on sand to construct and im so looking forwards to helping Sue yarnbomb Hull the wknd of 24th May!!
I think I was born to yarn bomb lol though it's Jean who is knitting the bomby bits most successfully at the moment - Go Jean, Go!
: )


  1. This is a fabulous project - how I would love to see it in person when it's done. I would love to see pictures of the results of the yarn bombing - I only have seen one little piece 'in the wild', despite reading about it all the time.

  2. Lyn! This is SO COOL -- how great to be part of this creative process. You belong to the best groups, I'm sort of jealous. :) xoxo

  3. Wow what a project - it sounds lots of fun though and a fair bit of work!!



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