Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hooky rugging is as infectious as hexi making!!

I'm having fun with this hooky technique though the colours don't look as interesting as they are in reality, a late evening shot under a side table lamp light - must try for a daylight shot next.
Im going to have to practise a lot, no ALOT, if Im ever to achieve the even tension of Heathers work but then, I do like texture in my work!
And she does steam press her work finally, to meld it all together and that no doubt flattens her tension out too.
Forgot to say, Heather said never use your best dressmaking scissors to cut fleece fabrics, because it will blunt them, after all you are basically cutting plastic - well who knew!
She also suggested using the rotary cutter to cut out narrow and uniform fabric strips - so sensible and of course it never even occurred to me!! Mind you it seems to blunt back the old blade quite quickly and plays havoc then with the cutting mat surface!
But cutting the strips that way works just fine, so I wont be buying a fancy fabric cutter gadget, even though I do love natty gadgets lol
: )


  1. the last time i did rug hooking my fingers were so sore that i gave up. yours looks great. i love that it is so colorful.

  2. I didn't know that little tip about cutting fleece either. Also hadn't given any thought to the fact that it's made of plastic....yew. I really like your hooky rugging project - I love the texture and the colours both.

  3. You are far too critical - I think your rug looks fabulous! I hope you'll keep posting pictures of your progress because I want to see how it looks when you are done!



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