Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Northumberlandia - the female form

I dont have photos of my own of Northumberlandia to show you but include a couple of links so you can read her story.
This above is taken from one of the links and you can see the artists vision with the paths that you can walk along.



She was a feature on a recent BBC Countryfile programme and she intrigued me.
 I think its her lush figure and her position, laid on her back on the earth and a part of that earth, but not in a submissive manner. 
She's reminiscent of the revered ancient figures of womanhood and Goddesses.

She strikes me as being a great subject to simulate in textiles in some way perhaps you may see her in the same way?

She has been created from tons and tons of soil and clay that have come from a nearby mine and she lays like Mother Earth with a water nestling around her delightful curves.

I haven't been up to see her yet and at the moment the official site photos make her look manicured and sparse. 
But she is a new attraction for the North East and I imagine once the turf takes hold and perhaps small wild flowers ( if allowed!) emerge on her bodily slopes... she may blend in more. 

I think she could be an interesting place to go for a wander and perhaps there will be balloon or helicopter trips so you view her from above  which must surely be how you'd view her best of all!

Oh yes.......... and I may have counted my chickens before they were hatched as far as my job is concerned lol
The letter I have had simply advises me which of the 4 counties I will be considered to work for after April 1st.
Previously 4 counties paid for us all to work in our Joint Arrangement Service and with the big split, our staff are first being reassigned to whichever county they had contracts with.

The next stage is for those councils to decide whether they can fit us into positions in their new planned structure.
 And my tactile post wasn't in the first planned structure for Hull who I have a contract with, nor was the post listed in any of the other 3 councils structures.
So now I await to see if they have listened to our view that the tactile post is necessary for the sustained production of useful and relevant resources for our visually impaired kids.
So I may yet not have a job after 31st March lol 


  1. I saw this on Countryfile too. Hope to visit one day. Fingers crossed for you on the job situation.

  2. Followed the link and viewed the construction and completion pictures for the Lady of the North. Very interesting!

    Hope your job survives!

  3. Good morning! I have one word for your blog..CHARMING!!! You have a lot of talent in different directions, thats the way I roll too. lol I have a giveaway..ill wait while you go see..http://porchsittintimeforscooby.blogspot.com My favorite thingie are those" hexies" thats wild! sometime will you share how to make those? Following you. Have a great day! Dianna