Friday, 11 January 2013

First completed handmade of 2013!

So here's my 15 Minutes of Play, fabric challenge totally completed...
with its buttons and button holes stitched on the back. 
The front ( picture) is in my previous blog post but here you get to see how I used the jumper welt as the flap over bit.
So this counts as my first completed handmade for 2013....heyyyyy !
But lets not hold our breath too long for the next one.......
remember I'm still hexi'ing away here.......

At work this past week I've been making up items for a Solar System Topic Box and I have made up this tactile board to illustrate why we have day and night. 
I have to flight test it with a VI child yet but I think it should work out okay.

Now I saw this great post on Terry Grants 'And Sew it Goes' blog and thought you too may like it too...........Mary Anne it resonates with your recent post about thumb twiddling too I thought lol
Please pop over and read what Terry has to say....
about 'that January thing'


  1. Your cushion backing with the felted jumper is one of those genius ideas I so admire. I really like this!

  2. love how you did those buttons connections to the side. have a good weekend.

  3. Lovely cushion. I need new cushion covers badly. I might copy this :)