Thursday, 3 January 2013

I have started piecing the hexis as an antidote to gloss painting LOL
Who knew how infuriating painting old banisters could be!
They were already blethered in paint, at the bottom of which I'm convinced is old (its dark brown) leaded I daren't strip the paint back to seek out any glorious wood....
...and chances are it wont be prime pine or teak anyway hiding under the layers of paint!

It doesn't look as if there's a design process going on with the hexis but I'm hoping the idea in my head, comes together as I piece along.
Reds flowing into pinks and lilacs, mauves, purples and so on in wave like will see how it goes.

I had put my grandsons name on the fleecy blanket that he has on his bed at mine but he told me off over Christmas, saying it should say his surname
So next time he stays over...........that's now sorted!

I hadn't noticed how skew whiff the letter 'i' was whilst stitching, but when I did, I quite liked it that left it. Mind you if Jack turns his nose up...........I may have to re jig it yet ....! lol

Am back at work next monday...........and could cheerfully stay away!
We find out this month who amongst us will still have jobs and which of 4, education authorities we will be working for.
 At the last review my tactile post was not included in the great new scheme of things, so the suggestion may be that my post is being written out. Unless it was an oversight, maybe .....

My boss and I both put in business plans of sorts, to try and have them keep the tactile post on and maybe take it further in the future.
I could train folks, using pdf formats or class/workshop sessions and the council could then trade or attract income from the post.............if they use some common sense. Ha!
The fact is the Councils are reviewing all job specs and pay scales and have not released any figures, which leads us and the unions to assume they will increase job responsibilities and probably decrease pay scales!
Which of course can affect our pensions too.

For two pins Id set up in business myself, but part of me 63, can I be 'bothered'? I'm not sure I can, although it would be great satisfaction to do so, even if I never did make a big income.

Anyhow I don't have the finances to do so, but I may have to think a way round that, if my post has been written out lol after all, I do have a blessed mortgage to pay and my pensions will not amount to much.

I wish now, Id fought to having some of my ex husbands pension when he took off with his totty, as the solicitor at the time suggested. 
I was silly to not do so, serves me right lol 
But no point in worrying till I know for will get a gin and tonic, curl my legs up on the settee and stitch in some hexis........therapy two fold!


  1. love that your grandson knows what he wants. good luck with the job. not knowing is hard.

  2. You are just now loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party - so you are set! Updates are on my blog - see you on the 19th