Saturday, 12 January 2013

Embroidery Club meet

January's EYES meeting was today and I took some pics of a couple of members work on display. 
The crocheters amongst you will appreciate how much work went into this cover!

Apparently it was spotted on Ravelry and had been in a magazine which Jackie ( Parker) had managed to buy a back copy of, should have asked which one in case anyone was interested.............duhhhh, but I didn't sorry!
I couldn't live with it on my bed but I do think the squares have been cleverly formed and I really like the edging.

I was very taken with this beautifully shaded patchwork with applique by
Chris Hart...........

We generally have a sales table where members bring something from their stash that they have decided they no longer want.
You can bet someone else wants what you've discarded lol and by selling off the items at much subsidized prices, within ourselves, it boosts our funds.

I have shed loads of wool but could not turn away from 6 of each of these two cottons. 
£1 for 12 here for £2........a no brainer, right?
Naturally, many of you will use that same logic and follow my reasoning lol

The rose is Rowan 'fine milk cotton'.........70% cotton and 30% 
MILK PROTEIN............?
I'd not heard of milk protein being used but guess its an eco yarn and it will be interesting to see how it knits. 
( Have I any idea what to knit with it? Noooooooooo not yet!)

The sage green looks like a smooth version of the old crepe yarns?
Looking briefly online it appears to be a Danish cotton.
I must gather together the other odd balls of cotton I've picked up on my charity shops travels, I've an notion there may be a cotton afghan lurking somewhere in my mind.

Oh and some good news!
I had a letter today confirming that Hull Council will be offering me employment past March 31st! 
Yeah!! The tactile post I'm currently employed in, lives!

However.........they also say that my new contract and pay scale may be subject to it looks as if they may be reducing my pay scale.........but I will still have a job! 

And the crafty sods say, I have to sign as accepting the proposal by 18th Jan and yet I may not have been informed by then, what my new contract salary will be!
But on the strength of the letter ...........I may have to open a bottle of wine! : )


  1. good news about the job. that double wedding ring that's crocheted must have been harder to do than stitching one. i started a miniature stitched one long ago but gave up before i hardly got started...and i'm not that crazy about the design.

  2. A double wedding ring pattern in crochet? How amazing! Can you imagine the work? Far beyond what I will ever be able to make but simply stunning!

    Congrats on the new contract LinieCat! That must feel good! Happy New Year too btw. :)