Saturday, 19 January 2013

Grow Your Own Blog and ......Giveaway too

Now this is a great start to an event I was so  looking forward to participating in !!! 

I forgot to post in time for the start!!    DUHHHHH 

Id blame the snow but having read Suziqus blog post already I dare not use it an excuse, since she bless her, has fire threatening her home with temperatures of 45 degrees!

When you visit blogs on a tour like this, its a great way to see who is out there and view blogs that you wouldn't have stumbled on ordinarily.

So pull up a chair and grab a cupper/coffee/glass of wine or whatever and browse some amazing sites and see some inspirational folks out there in the cybery spaces.

SO HELLO fellow followers and anyone new that pops in from the 
Grow Your Blog Party organised by the kind and by now I hope, more relaxed Vicki at

A little about me....

I first took the plunge to blog because Id seen so much that was helpful on other blogs and I hoped that occasionally, I might repay with an odd insight or two that I knew about.
I hoped I might meet some new folks along the way that might become bloggery friends and I have! 

So a resume of me first....

I came late to stitching but had a NEED to make, when I was just a teenager. I didn't work out until I was an adult, that my need to stitch was a form of therapy for me...........but it certainly is!
I was an Air Load Master in the RAF before marriage and motherhood and the Queen, gawd bless her, sent me round the world on a VC10 aircraft.

 I was responsible for roleing the aircraft and flying with her en route, working out her weight for the captain to take off, fly and land safely!

Naturally it was hell going to Bermuda, Nassau, Belize, Midway island, RAF Gan( the Maldives - sighhhh), Calgary, Hong Kong, Kathmandu plus many others ..........
and YES...........I still SO miss that job!
Before that job though, Id been police and store security, so I've certainly gotten around a bit..........never let grey hair fool you!!
( esp if its dyed over.........)

I am employed ( at least until 31st march...long story that ) in an artistic role devising and making tactile resources for visually impaired children, a job that allows me to recycle and use all the various craft skills I've picked up along my creative journey. 
I love doing it too, thinking laterally and employ as much recycling as I can.
It's like Blue Peter with Braille..........almost.

a matching and sorting activity above
the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch childrens book model below

Little Lumpty another childrens book

and an empty pc box which is now his wall

I like to stitch, knit, crochet, make mixed media and the odd art doll .........yes, I am a dabbler BUT.............its not my fault!

Its my 'Creative Gene' who is my muse............who chirrups in my ear what I should do next...

I quite like her and I seem to work well enough in her undisciplined way...but although I periodically sell under the name of 'RecycLin'.........
I accept that 'Creative Gene', doesn't want to earn a fortune.
That's fine by me too..............unless I am without a job as at April 1st......then she and I will have to rethink life!

I am going to give someone amongst you the chance to win a bundle of something and since I'm late starting here, I haven't photographed it yet!

 So please pop back and see the collected items later on if you'd like a chance to win!

But as a will be Japanese and will be silk............

All I ask is that you tell me what was the very first stitchy or crafty thing you ever it a success or not!

I will post worldwide and although you don't have to follow my blog,
 if you felt we had anything in common it would be so nice to have you along for the journey too : )
There are some lovely folks following along already and you'd have chance to meet them too!

I love felting and driftwood...........wolves and hares

I have a dog ... he has corgi legs and spaniel markings and must have once been human.....£15 from a dog rescue and money well spent!
Oh he didn't unravel the white stuff! 
Its from our local Scrapstore and I was rolling it up into balls crochets and knits up beautifully...... so watch this space....

and I also have two ruined rescue cats...
left over from 20 years plus cat rescuing. 

I'm currently hexing but 'Creative Gene' is whispering knitty and crochet  ideas so I may have to down needle for a week or two.....

Okay............IF you've waded through to should have been rewarded with a photo of the Giveaway which I have yet to photograph - so please pop back for the update piccy!

UPDATE!   I'm giving away 2 silk sleeves from Japanese hauri jackets, both lined with silk and a scrappy bundle consisting of all silk, Indian sari and silk offcuts. See pics below.....

I'm off to attend a candle lit vigil to make a stand against the breeding of beagles locally and worldwide for experimentation...........
so unless I'm arrested for stood standing in contemplative angst............
I will post the Giveaway piccy later this very UK day!
I promise!

Thank you new folks for dropping in ..
......and Thank you too, to those who follow along already......
I wish we could meet up for a cupper and natter along in real life!
Other blogs participating are..

There are hundreds of blogs to visit but I'm not sure how to link multiples into this please nip over to Vikis blog for direct links to participating blogs..........and check out Vikis wonderful nests whilst your there!!



  1. Hi! It's really hard to remember what I first made...but I DO remember how at primary school we all made a bag out of gingham material with huge cross stitches on the gingham squares. I was terrible at it! My horrid needlework teacher would get really cross with me, so my mum would unpick it at home and help me redo it. The funny thing was the needlework teacher and my mum were the same person!!!
    Since then I have done some "free" embroidery and some counted cross stitch work and also tapestry - but I'm more at home with paper crafting. On my blog ( you can see cards I make. I also do a lot of cooking and on my other blog (you can go via "Fat Dormouse" ) I talk a lot about food!
    Nice to meet you!

  2. love your work. guess it would be called "tree of life" maybe? so creative. nice to meet you. hope you will have a chance to stop by my blog too. have a great weekend. take care. ( :

  3. your blog is always chock full of great stuff. i so enjoy coming here. don't include me in the giveaway. i have so much stuff already so share it with someone who doesn't have quite as much.

  4. Thanks so much for your comment on Comptonia, and I am enjoying your blog tremendously and am now a follower.

    My first stitchy production was most likely doll clothes, probably with about 4 stitches to the item, as that was my age at the time.

    Good luck on remaining at large despite participating in public contemplative angst!

  5. Hello there...glad you stopped by to visit while blog partying! I love the felt and driftwood piece. Very organic...My first project after when I started to devote time to ME, was a knit scarf that is sooooo very long. I used up all sorts of different yarns without buying any more. And now, as it dangles down to my knees, after wrapped twice, (I did say long) it still keeps me warm on these cold winter days here in the northeast U.S. The kids forbid me to wear it out in public, however. I am now following you! BLOG ON!

  6. Hello there...glad you stopped by to visit while blog partying! I love the felt and driftwood piece. Very organic...My first project after when I started to devote time to ME, was a knit scarf that is sooooo very long. I used up all sorts of different yarns without buying any more. And now, as it dangles down to my knees, after wrapped twice, (I did say long) it still keeps me warm on these cold winter days here in the northeast U.S. The kids forbid me to wear it out in public, however. I am now following you! BLOG ON!

  7. Your work is delightful and your job must be so rewarding- so glad I found you through the blog party

  8. Your work looks so lovely! ANd the first stitchy thing I made... well a very crooked hand knit by me small blanket for my doll. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy the blog party!

  9. Gosh you're very talented! I enjoyed all of the pictures. If I remember correctly, my very first real craft was macrame and it was so many years ago I don't even want to tell LOLOLOL Then came embroidery, cross-stitch and everything in between. I have more on my bucket list than I'll ever finish LOL

  10. Not officially participating in GYB because I left it too late to join but that hasnt stopped me having a look at who is on the list. My Mum is a member of EYES so we may even have met in the past as I have been a few times as a visitor. I love your site and would be happy to become a follower. Happy creating. Linda

  11. You know how that road is paved with good intentions? Well I had great plans to take part in this blog party too and....yep, you guess it....missed the sign up. Argh!! I will answer the question of the day though...many (many!) moons ago, when I was about 12 or so, my aunt came for a visit. At that time she was crocheting one of those gigantic (never ending, actually) granny square afghans. I was fascinated, so she undertook to show me how to chain and single crochet. After that I was on my own to learn. From that beginning grew my passion for creating. Most of what I've learned has come from self-teaching and LOTS of reading!!

  12. Hi, Liniecat. Loved the glimpse of your pets and creative interests. Now you've made me crave a cup of something warm in my hands; it's quite chilly here in Oregon and I have frosty photos to put in a post tomorrow....

  13. I'm just beginning with needlefelting myself - your work is inspiring! My first craft was a pincushion that we made as Mom taught me how to sew <3

  14. Wow you are so creative, you make me feel like a complete slacker. I used to do cross stitch and still occasionally knit and crochet but photography seems to have taken over my life! Love your little gang of cats and dog (I have three cats who have enslaved me to do their every bidding). My husband was in the RAF (I worked for them as a civilian), come to think of it his whole family were in the RAF, so I recognise the humour well.

  15. awesome stuff! i'm a new follower from the gyb party - hope you'll stop by and visit me as well! happy creating!

  16. hmmm the first thing I made must have been something to give to Santa claus. It made me feel I had made something very nice because the feedback from him was so good. It was a drawing cut out and made into a doll. Something I still love doing. So there you go. Love your blog and all things silk so I hope to win your giveaway :0

  17. Hi Liniecat I am so glad you came to visit otherwise I may not be writing this comment here now. I have enjoyed reading about your past career and what you love creating now.
    Your felt work looks beautiful!
    Thank you for lifting my spirits after the fires - it has been a joy visiting and thank you for the kind link back to my blog.
    Wishing you heaps of wonderful blogging adventures.
    Vicki is a real sweetheart!

  18. It looks like you have quite a few hobbies. I love cats too. I'm visiting from Vicki's and hope you will stop by for a visit.

  19. Lovely to meet you! I'm impressed by your hexies - I find making them very therapeutic but I'm never quite sure how to use them in the end!
    Anyway, great giveaway - I'm your newest follower!

  20. You have led an interesting life. Good luck in growing your blog.

  21. doll clothes with help from my granny

  22. Such beautiful silk! My first project was a sleeping bear on a pillow cross stitch project.

  23. Your creativity is brilliant! The first thing I made was at about 6 years old. An embroidered comb case. It was a success : )


  24. You have a lovely blog. I'm a new follower and participant of 'Grow your Blog'. Have fun at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  25. Thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; I followed you home! Love all the things you're hands have made...beautiful! I was with you in spirit, albeit late, in the stand against beagles for experimentation purposes...travesty! Hope you were able to make a difference...LOVE beagles, my Daddy used to raise them, personality plus those little critters have.

  26. thank you so much for stopping by, I had lots of laugh and your talent is amazing. I visit the UK as much as I can afford it. My best best friends live there in Colchester and near the Forest area.

  27. I love your creative endeavors.
    My first crafty project I ever did was a crocheted doll blanket, and while it was supposed to be a rectangle, it turned out quite triangluar, instead. I was about 7 or 8 years old.

  28. Aaaargh, driftwood and felt? It's like your in my head. Love it.

  29. Your artwork is wonderful. I'll be following along to see more. And thanks for visiting my site through GYB.

  30. hello
    I loved reading about you and your artwork. My first attempts at art were making doll clothes for my little dollies while my grandmother or mother sewed our clothes. Come say hi on your blog hop! We are now owners of our youngest daughter's part corgi dog--they had to relocate to south america and couldn't take her with them. She has certainly taken over the household!!

  31. You're the cutest. So enjoyed reading a little about your history (especially all the places you've been to, poor thing.)

    Jeepers, the first thing I remember making is a mud bowl. Made from actual clay mud whilst sitting in a lovely puddle in my backyard. I must've been about 4 years old maybe... It's one of my earliest memories. :)

  32. Just popped in to say "hello"...and say I love all your work! and kitties, and recycling and work with the kids! would love to teach in the UK some day...still a dream...

  33. Lovely felting. and cutest fur babies. And do come to visit my blog, since the party goes on. I have a nice vintage lace book to giveaway. See you there.

  34. Nice to meet you at the party!
    Beautiful blog and my first crafty project is a tote bag :D

  35. Your pieces are so beautiful. I do some needle felting also, but mine never comes out looking very nice.

  36. Well I hope you weren't arrested!
    My first stitching project was on linen and the lady had told me to count stitches and I did. Then when showing me how to do the first stitch she realized I didn't know how to stitch over 2 but neither of us thought to recount from the middle and I was more than halfway through before I realized it wasn't going to fit. So I took it back to the store and she cut me another piece of fabric! I do a little bit of quilling and we were going to mat the stitched piece so it would look better with the quilled pieces and she had thought that's why there was extra fabric! Though the stitching is done nothing has been framed or quilled an that was several years ago! Unless it's for someone else the stuff just doesn't get framed :p

  37. From a fellow embroidery and general crafter and dibble dabbler

  38. Hehe yes we have stuff in common, the muse telling us to do every crafty thing on earth. Youtube is my latest sourse I've discovered for new techniques. Earliest memory? Oooh, I guess my earliest memories ARE crafting. On every early thing I remember is taping me and my brother singing and making noises. Another is using glue to build a town of cardboard. Loved reading your story, thank you for that!

  39. Hi, visiting from GYB. It's been fun meeting so many new bloggers. I'm following you now and hope you'll stop by my blog too.

  40. First, thank you for visiting my blog. Second - I totally love your space here. Your way of writing appeals to me, and your creativity is amazing! If I just had to pick out one - those wolves are gorgeous!! So is your give away. Very beautiful; I am your newest follower!