Saturday, 26 January 2013

I appear to have been adopted......

Previously.... I had 2 cats and 1 dog....... but as of thursday evening...
I now appear to have a 3rd cat who as you can see, is remarkably comfortable on my arm chair!

He's been stalking me this past 2 weeks, hurtling across the busy road out front, between cars and in front of cars to make his self known to me when I got home from work.
Ive even heard him meowing outside the front door at night I realise now!
As much as Id said to him was ..................
hey handsome boy mind those cars - 
but sussed he was newly abroad and wondered if the rental folks over the road who left, may have left him behind. 
Folks do that....
I was for years one half of Hull Cat Welfare so collected cats, trapped cats, hand reared babies and rehomed many.
My pal and other half of the group Sue, died 2 years back........but we called it a day once we knew how ill she was, some while before that.
Im thinking she may have sent him to find me lol

Anyway on thursday this young man was not only SAT on my front door step to welcome me home .......he then sat squarely on the huge rubbish bin in my front yard and stared at me thru the front room window LOL SOOOO funny.
Like he was telepathically working on me to let him in !

What with the snow and sheer cold and given that he then allowed me to stroke and pick him up............I brought him indoors.
He was an entire male, torn claws, fleas and none too clean but as daft as a brush............brainless even.

I stashed him in one room, phoned the vets and then took him straight there. He wasn't chipped, no surprise there then.
Im guessing hes about 9-12 months old.
Hes now had his nuts removed, been wormed and thoroughly deflead and I picked him up friday afternoon.

Since which time hes taken residence on the armchair and my lap!
Baxter.........may take a while to get used to his name and my other 3 furries were abit taken aback.........
but I think it will work out fine given time.
My three have been used to strays coming and Baxter will  adjust to sharing our space given time.

Funny how fate throws you a curve ball and you have to think on your feet and make a decision .......
                                              he's here now and become one of us.
We'll find the measure of life as we each learn about eachother.
Meanwhile hes eating well, using a litter tray and flaked out like hes in heaven!
I blame Sue!! ( Bless her!)


  1. I've had a quiet giggle at this lovely post especially the nuts bit ;-) I would love to be adopted by a cat, I get very tempted to consciously acquire one but put it off because of holidays etc. There's a very friendly black and white one that visits us regularly but I'm sure he lives locally. I'm sure you're right about Sue sending a needy Baxter to you. My DH is sure my late husband, who was his good friend, arranged for us to be together :) It certainly seems like it the way life has turned out.

  2. he sure does look comfy cozy. he knew you'd give in eventually. i like the name Baxter.

  3. This is such a great story with a happy ending on top of it all. You are a good person, Lyn. The lyric "so happy together" comes to mind. xx

  4. Oh Lyn, how wonderful, I love it & him, what a cutie & so desparate for you, bless him and bless her for sending him to you. We think ours has been sent as well, altho we cant get her in again, beautiful little souls c

  5. When it's right, it's right! Congratulations to all :)

  6. That's a beautiful story, loving Baxter. He knew where to go to and yes your mate Sue probably whispered to him to seek you out.

  7. GOod for you! I can tell by just looking at him that Baxter is very thankful.

  8. You are an angel for giving Baxter a home x
    love the name BTW!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you were also involved with the GYB party. I can see so many wonderful and sooooo creative things here. Hope you have a lovely February over there in the UK. I am a new follower

  10. Hee hee, that heavenly Sue is up to some mischief, isn't she? Your new little guy does to be "at home" so I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing! :)

  11. Just doing the same with my new stray..Alfred!
    Whats on at the NEC?

  12. baxter sure knows what a good home is and how to win his way into your heart. that Sue good for her!

  13. :) Glad to know Baxter has found his human!

  14. Move over, you! I'm such a sap and have a houseful of rescued animals; heck, I've even got rescued alpacas, sheep and horses!
    You won at Thistle Cove Farm's Grow Your Blog party. That's the one Vicki hosted so come on by and give me your snail mail address.