Thursday, 11 August 2011

A pic of the goodies and another Giveaway over there ...>

Well I posted off the Giveaway Goodies first class post last saturday morning, so I think they should have arrived by now and Im hopeful that Helen will have found a few bits to fondle and tinker with.
So you can see what a Surprise Giveaway might contain the next time I throw one together......see below!
Foils, kimono cottons, copper curls and all the rest of the fabrics are silks, though I think one may be a feel a likey but is nice never the less lol

And just in case you want to enter another Giveaway, pop over to and leave a comment there!

Go on, you know you want to! LOL


  1. Speaking from experience, you do pack a pretty package, Lyn -- it's wonderful!

  2. Thanks peggy lol Though I havent heard yet from Helen so only hope it has arrived safely and that she isn't ill!