Sunday, 21 August 2011

Any guesses what Im going to use these for?

 Well now at 50p each tray I reckon I have a use for these that doesnt involve cutlery....
and ideas what I want them for?
(Naturally I didnt know I wanted them, until I saw them sat in the charity shop...... )
And in fairness the grey one is perfect for my idea so I will have to trial the blue one....whilst looking out for more of the grey style tray.

Then there was this skirt....which called to me... not because it was my size you understand......
                                                                     no -lol- as if...
                                                                  but ....linen and circles...
                                                                    lunar circles at that..
                                                                I may try and overdye some of it.

And this caught my eye too.... though it was overpriced, but for charity so I paid it anyway. Though in truth it wasnt overpriced for the work that went into it which is beautifully done.
I could not get that result if I spent months in training, Im a CL-artist but can recognsie nice work from others!


  1. nice finds. i've been resisting but every now and then i stop into the thrift shop.

  2. Lyn, you find the best cloth!!

    My guess for the tray is something for sewing -- spools of thread maybe? Something round? Will watch for what you do with it.

    Have been meaning to ask, don't want to show my ignorance, but what does CL artist stand for?

  3. Peggy I have finally parcelled up the seeds and they are going in the post tomorrow, I promise you lol
    I should maybe write it this way.....CLART-ist.

    Clart is a northern word for rubbish lol
    I reckon Im less of an 'ARTIST' and more of CLart-IST........of sorts?!



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