Saturday, 13 August 2011

Daft cats and still no word from Helen.......

Daft cat Fergus, trying to get my attention whilst I was putting 'Somerset Studio' mags up for sale on Ebay.....
this is his laconic.....' You'll have to feed me sometime...' pose........
and the next one here is his new 'suntrap' seat! Though as you can see the sun had gone in at this point.....
I came out of the back door the other day to find he and Hilly cat, laying either side on the top of this plastic greenhouse gadget!
It houses several infusions of eco dyes and umpteen bowls and saucepans too and was watertight till their blessed claws got up there!
Now the side that is empty here is torn, so one of them may well end up tumbling inside if they are not careful lol
When the clematis cascaded off the porch roof there, they couldn't climb up on this gadget and of course I didn't figure on them using it as a climbing frame, or sun trap seat! Shish...
This is their usual and much preferred place for a snuggle....

Peggy sent me a great link for a poster with wise words on it and having printed it out, I thought I would photocopy it for the office wall.  But at the last minute I moved the sheet with the picture on and ended up with a skew whiff copied picture.
Of course I did it again then deliberately and got a different 'skew whiff'! So for those fo you that 'Journal', it might be a nice technique ( techique notice, and not like, a mistake or anything.... lol) for addding unusual text or graphics to your pages?
I mean not to use this particular pic, but to do it with your own, though you are welcome to cut n paste this if you did want it!
See how easily I am pleased lolol

I still have not heard anything from Helen who won the Giveaway, so do hope the parcel of goodies got to her okay!

Right back to Ebay to list more Somerset Studio mags and Art Doll Quarterly too. I seem to be taking this 'downsizing' of things seriously at last!


  1. nothing is safe around a cat. i need to do that downsizing thing as well, but i can't get myself to start.

  2. Do you have good luck selling your Somerset mags? I have a stack of them, but hate to throw them out. Fergus and Hilly are beautiful cats. Like mine, it is like having 2 year olds with the mischief going on. Did you notice how Hilly's fur coloration is like Jude's feathers? Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Thank you Jeannie, do you know I hadnt noticed Hillys tabby colours being like Judes feathers, but your right! They are both semi ferals that I rescued at least 10 years ago, who they stayed with me since they werent confident enough to home on.
    And the magazines are selling yes! Several of mine are out of print as back issues now too, and I dont think St & Co have digitised their back issues yet. And of course postage now from the US is prohibitive, then theres customs to pay for multiples, so UK buyers may recognise a bargain hopefully.
    Ive all my Q Arts and C P S mags too but they have been digitised now, so they may not sell, if I could bear to part with them!

  4. Lyn, love those cats! Gosh, I miss having a cat but the dogs would make life unbearable for one right now...very cool effect you got there with the copy machine!

    And such a great idea to house dye-pots in the greenhouse. That is very smart, indeed!



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