Saturday, 20 August 2011

I have a new hero!!! Please go look.........

I have a new hero of embroidery and re-use........please give yourselves a treat and go look at the following links. You will probably never, ever walk past those long forgotten old embroideries in the jumble sales or on car boot stalls again.
I am going to treat both myself and an old school friend to his creatures off Etsy and then try my hand at making one or two (for Visually Impaired kids) for ourTopic Boxes, for the Mini Beasts Box.......using far less socially historic fabrics naturally.
Though having said that of course, embroidery on the fabric wings could be felt by our children ( and partly seen by those with limited vision) so I may applique the pattersn on each wing to show the replication of pattern.

His work was spotlighted on Craftgossip which is how I learnt about him...
but first go to this link and then I defy you not to go.... WOW!

then the piece by Craftgossip link

in which is his Etsy link and thats pure joy to peer at!

This guy can do no wrong lol and Im no way affiliated.......though I do wonder if he's single and available!

And still no word at all from Helen to tell me she has received the Giveaway package and I cant seem to email her either. Her blog link doesnt seem to be working, which make me worry even more that she is ill. It simply comes back as unavailable. All very odd.


  1. I added his shop to my favourites a while ago.
    His creations are really unique. Would love to see what your students produce.

  2. yes, you are right. love his use of embroidery. just another idea to add to my unending list. thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh no I dont work with students. I actually devise and make tactile learning resources for VI children in my day job.
    Sorry, I mant that I will try and recreate a (much lesser!) version of the butterflies and insects to include in Topic Boxes which I am concentrating on putting together for us to use with our VI kids.
    Thanks though for commenting :)

  4. Wow! is right!!! Thanks for sharing the link. I was going through my boxes of odds and ends yesterday and now I'll have to look again with new eyes.

  5. Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.. I see that you are into embroidery and textiles and knitting and such.. none of which I ever figured out though I did try it all when I was younger.. so I admire your work very much.

  6. My goodness "your" latest discovery, Finch, is fabulous!!!!!
    Tis, I, from the lost blog, threading forward....
    I am so glad I stopped by! Every one of those creations is amazing.
    those with wings are my favorite, though.
    cheers to you!