Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cutlery tray spool holder and Magic Feathers for Jude

If you havent yet heard about Jude Hills request for 1000 embroidered Magic Feathers then hop over to her site and click on the Magic Feathers logo on the right hand side. If I could work out how to get her logo, Id have one on here too so you could link direct to her!
She is collecting feathers to turn into fabric story cloths for use with childrens therapy

 Anyway these two will be on their way to Jude tomorrow in the hope she can include them somehow. 
And see - they are laying on one of my new thread spool holders..the cutlery drawer! Well done Peggy for sussing it out.
There's no prize sorry lol

 I bought a couple of tents, the smaller sized, in house variety, more like a wigwam shape really, for my grandson to use at mine and at his dads place.
So am making him some padded flooring to sit on inside them and since he loves bees........ have added these cariactures to this one.
Cant decide whether to place an applique flower between them now....SO many decisions to make in life aren't there!
But yes, I think they do need a flower of sorts to look at, before I stitch it all together ......
Gosh only 8.45pm and its almost dark outside. Our Autumn is on its way.........nights are pulling in, days shortening.
I picked wild blackberries today to have with cereal for breakfast making sure I left plenty for the wildlife.
One of the advantages of working behind a school with an enormous playing field that borders an equally enormous football field, that runs along side a railway embankment.
So there are blackberries and elderberries...and buckthorn too to dye with!
No sloes though.........so for sloe gin I must hunt further afield this weekend lol
And Im going to try making Werthers Original Vodka..where you simply put Werthers yummy toffees in vodka and allow them to dissolve into a liquer-y drink.....shaking it now and then to stimulate the dissolving...got to be worth a try lol


  1. great job on the bees. what fun.

  2. Lyn, you got quite a few spools in the tray, great idea you had. Lovely feathers!

    How on earth did you make those wonderful furry bees? Was that a striped fur or did you dye it or what? They are fabulous.

    That vodka sounds delish --I hope you show the exact recipe. I'm pretty sure we have Werthers here, too. Have you tasted it? Honestly, you make your own sloe gin?

    I seem to have a lot of questions, it's that Gemini...

  3. I didnt dye it it was an offcut at a local store and just cute enough for bees bodies. He will probably think bees only have 3 legs, I maybe should have put their other 3 legs in too lol
    I just cut ish shapes and then appliqued them on bit by bit, tucking legs beneath as I stitched and a fabric head at one end. Flappy lace wings to finish.
    I can give you the sloe one that I use but again, its an ish mehtod but hasnt failed me yet.
    The Werthers toffees were suggested by a friend and I reckon theyd work out, so will try it and let you know. If you dont hear fromn me again.....I may have poisoned myself!!Must ask Sue if she used a recipe as such with the toffees and lemon sherberts though now you mention it!

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely parcel of GIVEAWAY goodies I received Lyn - and apologies once again for the e-mail mix up.

    I love your feathers...I thought the black/grey one was my favourite, but no, they've both got me! :~) and your bees are such fun :~)

    Ingenious idea for the spools...much tidier than mine in a willow basket!

    Werthers and vodka....could be incredibly delicious....



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