Monday, 1 August 2011

Giveaway Winner is .........

A short hello.......

to let you know that it was comment number 3 that my daughter picked out for me, (over the phone, so sight unseen)and that is a comment from .............Helen.......!! (Since India who would have been number 3, didnt want a bag of goodies anyway and had just left congrats..)

Anyway......... yes Helen it is YOU, have emailed you asking for your address, so it is not a spoof, you have won lol
Will post a piccy of the goodies but cant this evening, because my camera is at work and not in my bag where it was supposed to be!



  1. I've just seen this Lyn.....yahoooo :~))) Thank you so much. Monday was a horrid day for us here....thank you for leaving a comment on that post - no more fits since then thankfully. This has cheered me up wonderfully :~))) I wonder if your email went to spam, and in my half asleep state I deleted it!! Address on its way....and thank you again have made me smile... :~)))))))) x Oh! number 3 is my favourite number...

  2. Helen am thrilled for you, especially after Tylah selected the number and later I then read your post about your beloved dog!
    I wont post a picture of the goodies until I know youve got the bundle, so its a real surprise!



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