Sunday, 4 September 2016

Back to work and already my mood is lowering!

Not a happy bunny here, had a letter from a locally well known car parking charges firm after I was 5 minutes late -
after paying for 4 hours.
They are charging me £100 as a fine!
If I pay fast, I need only pay £60 - the bastards!
The car park had 2 other cars parked there when I arrived and they were still there when I left, all the rest of the car park was empty!
AND I'm back in at work on Tuesday too - double bummer lol

My scrappy happy hexi quilt is certainly taking shape now - though I lost the plot on colour stripes on the right side, but I can live with that.
I had a bit of help to get it finished -

I have hand quilted across the horizontal hexi lines in a zig zaggy manner and was going to keep the sides straight, but now I see it this way, I don't much care for it, so have some unpicking to do - when I find my seam ripper!
I will keep the castellated hexi effect down the sides and am stitching a reverse hexi edging to avoid having to bind the higgledy piggledy edges.

Harvey is doing well, desperate to go outside but I'm still keeping him indoors although no longer confined to my bedroom.

Its been a lovely summer break but I am really dreading the winter and can feel the downer of dark days already lurking behind my shoulders.
I haven't done that much but have had both grandkids quite a lot, so its hardly been a relaxing break lol
Jack and I have been looking for the Amy Johnson Moths, thankfully they are around the city and beyond until March next year, so we have time to see most of them in their exhibition places.

Tried to get granddaughter interested in them too but she only had eyes for her Mum -

My daughter took us a picture of one in London on a recent trip which helps us too.

I was given a 1/16th scale dolls house that was in disrepair, so painted it up quite simply for Evie, for her little pony toys.

I have another beef and I know some others amongst you have had similar issues.
Windows 10 did an update which took hours and hours and several stop n starts, before I could use the laptop again.
And now, half the things I use aren't there any more and I cant find things the way I did before - so frustrating!
I don't mind change if I am told about it but it infuriates me when something works fine for me and then, its altered to suit the whizzy computer folks out there lol

Clearly I'm in training to be a grumpy old woman and
I'm sure to get the bloody job!!


  1. ha....complain away. better than holding it all in. i do love your hexie quilt.

  2. Hello Lyn! Sorry to hear about the fine.... can you appeal? On a brighter note your hexagon quilt is looking fabulous! Hope work goes well when you get started again! Christine x

  3. Move over cause this grumpy vintage woman needs to join you on that park bench. Your quilt is coming along famously and glad to hear Harvey is recuperating well.

  4. I agree grump away that's what blogs are for also-hugs my husband went through the same thing with that windows 10-and then we finally figured it out enough to do my computer a few months later they did another update without asking and he is in the boat as you-very frustrating for us older generation especially, loving your hexies-sorry you have to go back to work

  5. I like your hexagon quilt project a lot! Very scrappy and just beautiful.

  6. I hope you can appeal against your fine.
    What a beautiful quilt you have made xxx

  7. Your hexies look like a carpet of flowers--very pretty! I had to look up the Amy Johnson Moths--what a great event.

  8. Gorgeous boy, Harvey, so glad he's doing well because it sounds like he deserves to be whole and happy. Your quilt is amazing, I am blown away by all those little hexies you've stitched together! I declined on all the Windows 10 pop-ups, hope I don't regret it later because now it costs $$. It seems like eventually we have to give in and go with the flow on this kind of stuff, so look at it as being done with it. Until Window 11 comes along. Love the doll house for Evie, too. I'd say you have been very busy. Happy weekend, Lyn!

  9. Some weeks are just grumpy weeks! Loving your pretty hexie quilt!! Are the moths there all the time or is it just for a little while. It would be such fun spotting them around town.

  10. Glad you have this wonderful hexie project to keep your fingers busy while you grumble and fume...the hexies are breathtaking, they look like a beautiful mosaic spread out. W10 is such a pain, I was offline for ages after the update was done. And sorry, but I already have the grumpy old woman job lol. Lots of happy things happening to choof you back to work with (mostly) happy summer memories. Harvey is beautiful!

  11. Car parking fine suck; I'm with you on the slow, depressing slide down towards winter; Windows 10 was just created to drive us all mad - and why oh why can't they make sure something works before they inflict it on us? See, you're not the only grumpy old bat. On the bright side, your hexies are truly pretty.