Sunday, 25 September 2016

Yarndale 2016 - part 1

Okay, those of you who have heard of the Yarndale events, that have taken place in Skipton North Yorkshire these past 3 years - but who haven't had the chance to go and see it for yourselves -
well, here is a photo heavy post!
Do read abut how it was conceived please -

None too grand from this aspect but trust me away over to the right were the glorious rolling hills of the moors and vales, beautiful.
I had followed Yarndales success online and wanted to go and experience it for myself, so went with friends today, in a small coach.
Although I ended up travel sick each way, the weather was kind to us and the yarny event was delightful.
People from all over the world had each year knitted and donated items for Yarndale to display as an aid to collecting money for charities.
These lovely colourful donations had been kept and reused each year.

Initially folks were asked to make yarny flowers in aid of Altsheimers  and as you can see many were donated! Even today you could stand in front of the bounty and take a selfie for a donation in the collecting buckets.
I value my camera so didn't take a selfie!
I made a poppy at the time but would be hard pushed now to find it on here!

The next year (I think it was) folks were asked to make yarny triangular banners so they could be strung around the hall.
I didn't make one, cant recall why now.
These were strung in between and all around the pens in the auction market and from the ceiling in a walk through area ..

Last year Lucy of Attic 24 asked for mandalas in bright n cheerful colours to be sent in and there were oodles of them kept from last year and displayed again today.

Mandalas hang from the windows of the 2 buses which run people from the rail station in Skipton to the Auction Mart, free of charge.
And banners hang from the front too!
This year we were asked to knit sheep and send them in, these would be sold to raise funds for the chosen charity and I was told they had well over 700, again sent from all over the world by the sounds of it!
I sent in two from my daughter and myself and my friend Chris sent in a  ram, here he is without his horns at this stage.
Not sure which Chris sent but they were both fabulous, even hornless!

 I know, the nobbly one on the left looks abit like a Labradoodle lol

When I saw the 4 that were left, I was told that the others had all been sold! Some 30 minutes later these last 4 were also sold.

There were some yarny supplying furries there and oh the eyes on the Alpacas!

 There were sheep too!

and Wenslydales too

Okay, now some things that caught my eye ... such a lovely way to sell those old bobbins with yarn

The Brinkley Loom - would love one but don't have the space -
it has the most amazing heddle! theres a you tube how to do it here

The wonderful nobbly bits are simply fleece teased out slightly and also laid beneath the warp threads and then pushed down into place.
I have never woven but can see why its so intrigueing.
A natty way of blocking your crochet : )

Okay, more pics on the following posts : )


  1. Looks like a fabulous show and right up my alley...not a bit of jealousy here!

  2. Those little triangle banners remind of the bikinis I used to wear...long ago lol I've read part 2 as well, did you do all that in one day? My goodness, a lot to see! Looks wonderful and fun!

  3. The bunting was first year, mandalas 2nd and flowers last v year. Thanks for sharing