Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Happy Scrappy completed At last lol

It's done, yippee - though its not perfect and I don't mind that at all.
Its part of its story and its 'Cat Approved', both cats have had a snuggle on it and survived contentedly.
Its been my scrappy hexi learning curve over the last couple of years, might be three years even.
All hand stitched throughout and largely scrappy bits - some were left over from fussy cutting the New Hexagon shapes last year.

I survived going back to work and have got lots of interesting work to get my teeth into which is really nice.

One such thing has been a storysack for the book The Westwood Troll, written by Marion Gamble ( who wrote the delightful Mooncat children's book)

The author gave us a copy of the book for us to adapt into braille and she is making an appearance at a book event in Beverly in October and  will use our Storysack as part of her presentation.
Then it will be available for our VI children to use along side a brailled version of the original story.
The various items from the story can be taken on and off the back board.
The Westwood Troll is a story all about a troll who appears to live on the Westwood common land that lays to the side of Beverly in East Riding of Yorkshire.
He lives off wild berries, dodges the cows that graze there, frightens passers by in the dark and lives in a cave.
He's sometimes cross when cars drive through his Westwood and peers out from bushes at folks walking and playing ball, flying their kites and having picnics too!

Our Portage team needs a variety of resources which will keep me steadily busy for a while and I'm currently making up 5 sensory cushions for them.
Each cushion is different but all have a squeaky gadget in them and also a removable musical unit.
( Each tune will be different too)
These two brown furry covers  were the first couple made.
The left hand 'pocket' below is completely stitched round and has a large and smaller marble inside it.
The child can manoeuvre them around the two stitched lines, a sort of tactile maze - of sorts.
The squeaker is in the dogs nose and the musical unit fits in the right hand pocket, but of course anything can be put in that pocket for a child to find.
These are quite simple because they will be used with early years children and all the materials used are different textures - and washable!

This one has a squeaker beneath the fur on the top left and a zippy bag stitched on for the musical unit or anything else that might be tucked inside.

I've made 2 lighter, differently textured fabric ones too but will post their pics when I take a picture, completely forgot to do that today duhh

Our weather is changing, colder nights, misty mornings, the gardens looking tired and there's an autumn touch to the days.
The tree leaves are slowly changing from green too and its all as it should be I guess, the days shortening and winter approaching.
Must buy some vitamin D to get through the darker days lol


  1. Cat approved is the only thing that counts. They can be picky. I really love it.

  2. Done...and looks pretty perfect from here. If I were the least bit of a sane quilter I would tackle one similar. Glad going back to work is at least proving to be interesting. .....right now I'm enjoying baby cuddles!)

  3. Beautiful quilt, I really like the back too. You sound happy to be back at work, and so many interesting and clever projects.

  4. the quilt looks great very impressed you did not straighten the edges it must have been fiddly to do keeping the hexie shape. Some good projects you are working on for the children with sight problems, I am sure they will love the squishy cushions. Not come accross Marion Gamble, kids too old even granddaughter is 18 and just started uni. As you say autumn is fast approaching, last year I had roses and hydrangas still in flower in december will not happen this year though as they are already dying off

  5. Your quilt is beautiful Lyn! Congratulations on getting it finished! You have certainly had an interesting start back at work and look like you are making excellent progress with your projects! Christine x

  6. Your quilt looks fantastic! If vitamin D doesn't help, there's always gin. :-)