Monday, 26 September 2016

Yarndale 2016 - Part 3

So lastly, what did I buy at Yarndale?
Only one skein of actual yarn infact!
White boucle wool to try and crochet some 'snow' with lol

I have a lot of fleece tucked away in the loft, from when I wet felted so am going to try and spin it. The previous time I tried to do this with a cd on a piece of dowel, didn't turn out so well and I concluded that hand spinning is most probably abit like a meditation!
I think I failed lol
But maybe this nattier gadget will help me becalm my brain and bring me a meditative peace of mind!
(don't hold your breath!)
I got it from Cat and Sparrow Fibres and she has them in all sorts of jazzy colours and different sizes too -
you can see her Yarndale stall on her Facebook page too!

The Stitch Society were selling repurposed fabric scraps in 50p packets, with 3 or 4 pieces in each packet.
I paid out £2.00 and got this little bundle ..

I bought a new crochet hook to trial, its bent basically! but feels comfy in my hand the way I crochet .
It's by Addi and is in the picture lower down.
Will see how it feels in use and is the size I need for the Janie Crow crochet blanket pattern I bought - Mystical Lanterns.

I hadn't seen these knitting swatch tension checker gadgets before though in my ignorance, have no doubt they have been around for ages.
I am appalling at following a pattern at the best of times and making tensions squares has always been an anathema to me but I do need to start doing them.
I have acquired such an assortment of yarn oddments, I am bound to get better results if I use it more sensibly!
It's the wooden square at the back of this picture and has marked cms/inches on it.


I couldn't resist the sheep card and may have to frame it rather than send it anywhere lol

The 3 little books were also from The Stitch Society stall for a £1 each and will be useful for making some play food for my granddaughter.

I found one stall selling 3 of the Quilt Mania books that coincidentally I had been looking at online recently and had chance to browse them -
before buying : )

One theoretically is for our stitchy clubs library, if I can bear to part with it!
Scrap Valley by Yoko Saito ( in French and English) is divine, if I never make anything from it, it will still be divine lol

 and this which is all in French was for me -
                                                  and no I don't speak or read French!
But its much like those Japanese books and has lots of diagrams to work from, so should be easy enough to suss out.
And again the pictures are deliciously inspiring. 

If any of you rag rug, here's a book I picked up at a charity shop that's worth looking out for, it has much interesting advice on how to prod to get the best results.
The sample page here will show you what I mean for example.
( and yes, it cost me 25p!)


  1. Enjoy your adventures in spinning-I am till not really good at it-still too much twist-but I really love and enjoy it-have fun

  2. The first gadget, if it doesn't work as planned, could always be used to slay dragons or dastardly villains. The blanket looks great....good use for scrap yarn.

  3. Looks like you made some lovely purchases Lyn! Have fun.... I shall look forward to seeing your progress on the crocheted blanket.... it is a beautiful design! Christine x

  4. some good buying at first I thought you had only bought the white wool. Fascinated by trying to spin with the CD will be intrigued how you get on with the gadget you bought best of luck.Good that thuere was fabric and other bits and peices too not just wool

  5. You scored some goodies! The books look fantastic and I like the blanket design too - now I can look forward to seeing what comes of it all.