Sunday, 14 August 2016

Where do the weeks go to?!

So-  who snook away with the past few weeks then? Come on, own up!
Its the summer school holidays and I seem to have been busier than when at work - another conundrum to wonder about!
I got wind of someone needing knitted/crochet flowers and pom poms for a 'secret' yarn bombing which is being planned.
Thanks Jean for the heads up!
So I had chance to use the natty pom pom gadget I bought the last time I went to the NEC.
It makes pom poms so much easier and faster - and in multiples too, up to 20 littley ones at one time for example!
I knew there was a reason I felt obliged to buy odd balls of yarn at the charity shop I get my best craft bargains from.
The chrysanthemum-ish flowers are crocheted but to my own pattern and I was amazed that it worked!
Their success is due to my using one novelty yarn and a 4ply in all but the same colour.
Mind you, the yarn bombing wanted orange not peachy pink - but will send them anyway and hope they can be of some use : )

You can see the various sizes of pom poms you can make with the Multipom gadget and I haven't made the largest
or the smallest sizes there!

I do have a 100 knitted and crochet flowers book - somewhere - but actually found it easy enough to just sit and devise a shape, although my daffodil trumpet, does leave a lot to be desired lol don't look too closely at that one!

On 25th July, Harvey cat went in for a rear leg patella luxation operation, where they adjust the patella and pin in it where it should actually be.
When I homed him off the couple with two heavy handed children last year, I soon saw that he had a leg injury and limped, something they denied had ever happened before.
His leg also often splayed outwards at 45 degrees when he walked so it couldn't be missed.
I took out insurance but it was a pre existing injury, so of course the £2000 cost wasn't covered!

However with a change to another veterinary practise, I managed to reduce the op cost to £1150. So it pays to shop around and ensure your vets are not charging you orthopaedic surgeon prices from the off!
Such an operation needs 6 weeks cage rest to prevent him jumping up and down and to allow the bone to grow over the newly placed alignment.
So Harvey is cooped up in my bedroom, in a cage at first but now out of that since hes doing so well.
But he is a loving soul and hasn't been any bother really and now manages jumping onto the bed and off again easily.
Given that he hauls himself up fences and the garage, I'm not letting him out and about outside again until I'm certain the leg is healed well enough lol
So his night time rodent chasing, when he refuses to come in at night, has been curtailed for a while!
Any gardeners out there at all?
Does anyone have any idea what these weird, but almost hexagon like things are on my plant?

I kept an eye on them to see if they opened up but we had torrential rain and that washed most of them away although they had altered the leaf colour dramatically I noticed.

I dont think they weren't spiders eggs -  but that reminds me the other night, Harvey was agitated in the bedroom and wouldn't settle down to sleep, so I switched the light on to see him avidly watching the curtains. Uh Oh .......

I finally caught sight of a huge wolf spider and went on a spray and catch session which of course left me wide awake!
I put the fan on to cool down the air and ventilate the room better, put Harvey in the other bedroom and I went downstairs for a cupper. 
At 0125 !
I mean why come into my room when it was balmy and calm weather outside?!

So as you do, I sat outside in the garden thinking I might just see the Perseids meteors -
and I did! I did!
Wow, what a wonderful thing to see, they whizz this way and that, with not even a seconds notice!
I saw several long whizzes across the sky and many more shorter ones, then a whole bunch of teensy movements I wasn't sure of but next day, I saw on tv that they were also meteors.
So thanks go to Harvey for waking me for both the spider and the night sky fun!
Of course next day my neck ached quite a bit lol

I had a wonderful surprise in the post from my bloggy pal Mary Anne, I wasn't expecting it at all but I need to download the picture, so I will come back to you and show you what she sent to me, in the next post, tomorrow.
Bloggy people are some of the nicest people aren't they!!


  1. You're wondering where the weeks go - I'm on to bigger things and am wondering how I've managed to misplace an entire half a year. No help as to the mysterious objects on your plants - look to be eggs of some sort though. Harvey is a very clever cat - not only does he protect you from marauding critters but also remind you that there's a meteor shower you need to watch.

  2. Poor Harvey, glad he's on the mend...hope your bank account recovers as quickly! You're summer break has been very productive. No sightings os meteors this way, the northern skies were the best place to see them, sadly. Looking forward to seeing your bloggy's tomorrow now :) How's your 365 quilt going?

  3. Cool kitty glad his operation went wool-for July just took forever to get through I think it was because of the extreme hot and humidity however august is half way over already-just flew by like crazy fall will be here before we know it now
    those pom poms are pretty cool-have an awesome weekend

  4. Summer is going so fast, isn't it? It sounds like Harvey did you a favour, waking you for the Perseids!