Friday, 15 July 2016

'10 in a bed' ( settle down!) and Moths

Only a week and a day to go till the school summer holidays begin -
yeahhhh : )
I do like working term time only, although shed loads of work came in last week for me to do, for our Councils Porterage group.
One job was to replicate this old resource, long past its best and mucky as 'eck!
It was made with pelmet Vilene and you can tuck the teddies in behind the bedding, a cute idea isn't it!

So this is my prototype interpretation of it, making it tactile with differing textures.
The 'spotty' numbers on the pillows are hefty French knots, 1 -10.
The pillows I colour coordinated with the bears hats.
Most of the children the Porterage team see will have sight, so no Braille needed on this and the colours will be seen and become a matching activity for this 10 in a bed gang.

This beaut Hawk Moth was hanging about in my back garden, killing time ...

an hour or so later and she had company - nooky time!

I've had a couple of these canoodling in my garden before, too often and my garden will get a bad name!

I made up another fastenings waistcoat last week

We have a display in Hull of painted moths, to commemorate Amy Johnson who lived here for a while.
Here are a few of the 56 scattered around the city -

When I was about 12 I had my ear syringed with water to try and reduce my tinnitus, a wierd experience but happily the tinnitus  eventually went away.
After about 2 years with a blocked sinus on one side and the ear on that same side, feeling as if I'm under water, crackling and swelling internally from time to time I finally got a Dr to take it seriously.

I was at hospital today to see an Ear Nose and Throat Consultant and had my right ear hovered!!
Yes hoovered LOL no water in this day and age : )
It was a mini Dyson gadget and would be perfect for hovering sewing machines and keyboards I thought at the time!
I also had my hearing tested ( its fine thankfully ) but the sinus tube is narrow and blocked, as Id suspected and if I cant get it cleared with persistent use of nasal spray, I may have to have a grommit fitted!
Trust me to have something out of the ordinary .....

I watched the footage on tv earlier of the prat in a truck in Nice, France.
Appalling carnage, wanton killing, children included -
So many dead, in so many places in our world, in the name of religion or an ideology -
Sickening, heart breaking and So bloody wrong.


  1. Love those great moths. I even have a blog about the moths I find and registrer. You'll find a link on my quilting blog.

  2. ... and the little one said 'roll over', your teddies in sleeping caps are delightful; enjoy your summer holiday; have you tried a neti pot for your sinuses, only thing that keeps mine unblocked and infection free; hard to watch the news these days, these ugly events are unconscionable!

  3. love your version of the clever. gorgeous moth.
    hope your ear gets straightened out easily. it's always something, isn't it.

  4. what a fun teddy bed , beautiful moths so colourful here in Leeds they have owls about the city. Good to read the hoovered ear is better and hope the sinus treatment will work too. France and Turkey so many lives lost all so tragic

  5. Those moths are brilliant (the live ones and the purely decorative). I often prefer them to butterflies.

  6. My goodness - first it's ten in a bed and then there's moths 'doing the deed'....what is this blog coming to? Pretty soon it's going to be x-rated.

  7. I love your teddies and their bed. That is such a cute idea, If I was their I wouldn't be able to resist playing with it. How interesting to have painted moths around your city, what a fun thing to look out for. I hope your ear and sinus are better soon. Its great technology is such that things like grommits can be fitted.