Sunday, 3 July 2016

Im still Scrappy Happy : )

I do wonder why I'm fixated on using the bags of scrappy fabric bits I have, when I have such a lot of untouched fabric to yet cut into!

So from this to ...

this ...

Not as easy as it looks mind you. The block ended up smaller than Id anticipated, have yet to understand why lol but I fancy a few blocks with skew whiff inserts.

The fun part is that these strings can be done whilst sat watching tv,
on your lap, by hand and you can use up smaller scrappy pieces.
I didn't use the till roll method, I just stitched the scraps together in roughly straight vertical lines.
Though again I have included some diagonal angles, simply because some of the fabric scraps were angled themselves.
Many are leftover pieces from my fussy cutting for The New Hexagon hexis.

I have also made some strips now in single colourways, different scrap fabrics with a single colour theme -  that too could be a fun idea to play with.

I'm still making circle blocks and have started quilting some of the blocks.

I finally placed the textile human digestive system onto a back board for work. It is held in position by Velcro, so it can be taken off if needs be.  I also made a Key to accompany it, the large print text has Braille laid over it too.

of Amy Jihnson
Here in Hull we have some 50+ moth shapes on display, to commemorate 75 years since the death of Amy Johnson, who lived in Hull for a while and went on of course to become a famous Aviatrix.
This is the first I have been to see so far.


Oh yes and here is Nellie, my Yarndale sheep, which folks are being asked to knit a version of and send off to form a display at the Yarndale show later this year.
They will help to raise funds for this years chosen charitable group
Martin House Hospice.

There are free knitting and crochet patterns for you to make your own sheep.
I used a nobbly unbleached 100% wool but I should probably just have used a normal white double knit perhaps.
There is also a great little sheeps' coat too, but Nellie would have been too hot, so I didn't make her one!
 I am going to make a few sheep for myself and the grandkids, so Nellie may stay with me and another go to Skipton yet!
Hilly got in on the act at the last minute lol

This is her 'Feed Me!' look ....

The wonderfully talented Lucy from Attic 24 supports Yarndale whole heartedly each year and has come up with the superb crochet sheep pattern. Lucy can be found on Facebook and has a blog too.

Lucy has an interesting post here too by the way, showing how she works out a placement colour scheme, for when she plans a pattern.
 Its sensibly clever, would never have occurred to me and worth looking at even if you don't crochet!


  1. like you I love scraps and seem to avoid the fabric stash! The block looks good rather like a wonky plus block. What a cute little sheep can see a family emerging before too long

  2. I find scraps more satisfying to work with now than cutting into large pieces. I liked your till tape pieces from the other day too, where you made them the centres of blocks. And your garden...much larger than I thought, hilly has a lovely view from the deck, and a lovely asking face.....does she screech as well? Two of mine do, in unison, the awfullest noise, so I taught them to sit quietly while they wait...and they do. More stories of your summer work please....says she who hasn't bothered to blog for I don't know how long :)

  3. I don't think the scrap pile ever comes to an end so you should be able to continue making these til forever and more. Cute little sheepies, btw.