Sunday, 26 June 2016

Playing with fabric scraps

So, I was looking at the till roll, scrappy strip
and thinking ....
what if I used it as centres in log cabin blocks...
so I had a go and now have 9 x 9" blocks, still using the same bag of scrap fabrics.
I will put them together with more scrappy strips, maybe have them between the blocks, maybe not, haven't decided yet.
Maybe I should draw a plan but that would be far more disciplined than I generally am lol
I will keep you informed, but there's still a lot of fabric in this one scrap bag, so the next step is more scrappy till roll strip : )


  1. Wow! What a great idea! I love your wonky, fun blocks!!

  2. I think scrappy is my favourite type of block yours are looking good happy playtime

  3. Oh yes, I like your thinking.

  4. I like this idea - a bit of a different twist on the log cabin. Reminds me of the scrappy quilts my grandmothers used to make.