Thursday, 2 June 2016

Picture heavy post lol

I took my lovely pal Mary, over from Australia, to the old RAF Hemswell site which is in Lincolnshire and has its guard room and 4 of the classic built H blocks turned over to antique selling.

Mind you since last I was there, parts of the camp have deteriorated into burnt out cars but the H blocks provide ex forces folks with nostalgic walks down corridors with Ablution and Ironing Rooms lol

Here's some of the bits that took my eye, stairs like these I ran up, often stumbled down and crawled up tiddly when younger lol

Beautifuly soft quilt, hand stitched too

The above quilt was also hand stitched, the below one probably a commercially made one but I did like the way the fabrics were placed with blocks of crochet included too.

Doesn't this look comfy to snuggle behind your back!
LOL velveteen fabric for dresses - so last century!

Beautifully stitched this lady


I loved this old bakers table but at £350 it stayed where it was -
I did buy myself a 2nd hand book, stunning pics and poetry about the Brontes, many of the poems by others, but about them.
Mary ( in red) perusing .....
Oh and I have  finish - Jacks Allosaurus, he chose the colours himself, it is two shades of grey  



  1. Oooh what a lovely place! When I come to visit, will you take me too? Please, pretty please?

  2. What a lovely day out! I love visiting places like this... such a lot of fun and lots to see! Jack Allosaurus is great! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. I love pottering about in this sort of place - it's always so interesting to see what people decided not to keep. Jack Allosaurus is a splendid chap.

  4. That place looks like an amazing spot to spend some many treasures to see and try to resist buying!! Jack did a great job choosing colours for his Allosaurus - not to mention your knitting skills as well.

  5. Wow what an awesome place to visit-gorgeous handwork, and I love that butchers table too!