Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Selvedges ....

You know how you get an urge to do things?
Despite having a list of other things you'd planned to do...
you get this daft idea and need to do it, instead?
Hmm well that's what led me to do these ....
and several more like them!
Selvedges stitched together.
For some reason I seem to have odds and ends but then I have bought 10cm, 20cm or half meter lengths at times, so guess that's why I have so many short and odd lengths.
Now, what to do with them ...... lol
I will mull on that for a while and besides I have a lot more to stitch together once I start on my latest fabric buys.
I might end up with enough selvedge blocks to make another lap quilt at this rate.
The Splendid Sampler has started and I have made my first block,
of course I made it larger than it should be,
so that's my practise block now!
I'm going to re read the instructions and do it right next time lol
You can see there is a constant to my creativity cant you?
Creativity occurs despite any pattern I may think I am following!
My 14 year old cat, who took all these years to finally lay on my lap
is getting closer and closer to even the dog now!
Mind you Hilly still has little time for grey and white Harvey cat!
At 2 years old he has much to learn still -
Not sure I've shown this that I made at work.
I made some hearing aids for a child's doll, the idea being that her putting them on her doll, will encourage her to wear her own!
I have made them before for other hearing impaired children and they were apparently a successful ruse.
I used polymer clay and they are held in place with a little Velcro glued in place behind the ear.
I mould the ear insert to the individual dolls ears and that helps partially hold the hearing aids in place too.


  1. there are lots of projects done with selvedges. i have a quilting friend who collects them. last year, at the Modern Quilt Guild show, there was a young girl wearing a magnificent skirt made from selvedge strips. i bet you'd find lots of ideas if you googled it.
    love that hearing aid idea.....marvelous.

  2. I totally loved a bookcase quilt variation using selvages to replicate magazines. I posted a copy on my post (link below), but regrettably do not know who made it.

  3. Creativity knows no bounds! Your work creativity must be so rewarding, play is so important to children, my daughter is about to qualify as a speech pathologist and is always finding new ways to communicate with children through play.
    Your couch and legs look comfy with your adorable fur babies and we all know the best way to stay engaged in the craft room is to have a bazillion projects on the go..I have been told there are some people who can stick to one project at a time, but I think they ride unicorns....hahaha

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the selvedge blocks Lyn! Love the doll's hearing aids.... a great way to encourage a child to wear their own! Christine x

  5. I love thos selvage blocks. There are plenty of thing to use them for. Good luck!

  6. I don't think I've ever even thought of making cloth with selvedges, a great idea, look forward to seeing what you dream up to do with your pieces. Hey, no pressure!
    The hearing aids....oh such a nice idea -- when my little boy was on chemo, the oncology dept. kept stuffed animals with make-shift broviac ports, bandaids, and sadly even missing limbs. The staff would let the kids perform pretend blood draws, etc. Not that it's the same but sort of. xo

  7. Your ingenuity with what you create for the children knows no bounds. This is great. As for the selveges how about mug rugs?

  8. Your selvedge bits look great! I wonder what you'll make, so many possibilities.

  9. I like your selvedge bits (I never remember to save mine, though I do tend to sew them right into whatever I'm doing). It will be interesting to see where they lead you.