Wednesday, 24 February 2016

More 365 Quilty Circles .... ish

Thought I'd make up some 'quilt as you go' blocks with circles for my next batch and I unearthed this wonderful fabric that I had bought ( some when) which had circles on it, so thought I would make use of them.

And I remade my textured circle so this is it in its block now,
also a 'quilt as you go' though it may not go in with these little ladies above.

Below is the back side of that circle, you can see the Vilene circle is smaller than the fabric circle.
So when turned inside out as here, there is more fabric of course,
but it's the Vilene/fabric edge that you stitch down,
easing the excess fabric aside,
as you stitch the circle in position.
That leaves you with a baggy upper fabric circle, as if there is air trapped inside it?
Then you can pucker or ruche it and stitch it in place ruched up or twirled to suit yourself.
The larger that fabric circle, then the more 'play' or twisty movement, you will have to manipulate and texture the appliqued/stitched circle itself - does that make sense?
Enlarge the above picture and imagine I hadn't stitched the ruching down.
The next one I make I will take pictures to explain it better : )


  1. I get it! Now I want to try some fabric bunching too.

  2. Love your new circle blocks Lyn! What an interesting technique you have used for the ruched circle! It is very pretty! Christine x

  3. I am loving the creativity here. Are the little circle motifs being appliqu├ęd onto new background blocks? I think I get what you are doing with the ruched circle, I will definitely attempt one.....maybe I could throw in a yo yo or two into the mix later on....hmmm the possibilities.

  4. I really love the fact that you are making the 365 quilt your own. It will be a wonderful catalog of fabrics and techniques!

  5. So many different ideas going on with these circles! I am loving this.:)