Thursday, 4 February 2016

365 Circles quilting ...

The quilting stage .... slow and calming ... just round the edges of the blocks, so don't think I will stitch round the circles themselves as well. Still thinking about the half block ends though, not sure, but may insert half blocks with smaller circles on, well maybe!

One of the guys at work asked me if Id make his son a cushion cover, there had been a pattern in his magazine with the Minecraft symbol on.
( Like I know anything about Minecraft, good job he let me see the picture!) And yes, it does look to be off centre lol hope the lad doesn't notice!

I sent for a pattern off Etsy to make the Hungry Caterpillar edibles with holes in them and have been making them up for work, to go in with the activity caterpillar I made a while back.

Mind you my holes look almost pornographic and yet the originals in the pattern are very clearly proper holes you can look through, so I am doing something wrong!
Mind you the pipe cleaner, bendy caterpillar I made does pass through the fruits easily enough lol so I dare say they will be okay as an additional activity.

Right back to hand quilting : )


  1. Good luck with the hand quilting Lyn... it is looking lovely! I like your caterpillar and the fruits.... what a fun thing to make! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. Cute edibles there! And that caterpillar at the end is a beauty :-)

  3. Hello, I am checking out your blog from the linkup at the 365 quilt. Thank you for your comment and thoughts. You write very well and I have enjoyed reading your older posts. Ummmmm, yes that hungry caterpillar toy!! Lol! Look forward to seeing and reading more about your creative exploits.

  4. You make me laugh! I was thinking the fruit with the worm look so cute until you said they look pornographic! Now that's all I can see!! Oh well, they are cute. BTW, good work on the 365 circles!

  5. I so like the visible stitching you used on your circles. And the quiet color scheme. And now you're quilting.
    Susan at the bored zombie recently made a Minecraft quilt block, too. Lik you, I have no idea what it is. Interesting to see it pop up in two places, though. I'm sure he'll like it.

  6. I like your quilting - this is so lovely. As for your pornographic fruit, you really made me laugh!

  7. Love love love the circles and I'm laughing now, too, because of what you said about the fruit. :) But I could see two of my littles liking those along with a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, thanks for the idea!

  8. My boys loved the Hungry Caterpillar book when they were little and I think someone gave a copy to Logan at his baby shower. It would be fun to make something like this for when he's a bit older.

  9. LOL - I have a tendency to find a way to make whatever I make look pornographic too. I am glad I am not the only one.



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