Saturday, 20 February 2016

Doll Quilt and the first Splendid Sampler 6" block

Last year I found the basket above in a charity shop for next to nothing, it was in need of a bumper and mattress,
a blanket or sheet and a little coverlet.
If you click here -

you can read about a bloggy get together where quite a few now are making a doll quilt during February.
Its not too late to join in, think the final reveal is the 28th Feb.
Since I had the basket in hand I thought I would make my little cover along with them all, so I signed up.
You are not supposed to show n tell till the end of the month,
however sorry, I'm releasing mine early, so my brain can move on : )
I'm itching to make more 365 Quilty Circles lol

However, as lovely and thoughtful as Katinka very clearly is and how delightful an idea the doll quilt along is,
on registering my email - I got barraged with emails lol 
Almost all were in German, none directed at me specifically,
rather, my email was in amongst a large batch of others.
 They were 'round robin' emails, from others to everyone, presumably taking part.

I certainly try to politely answer anyone who leaves a comment on my blog but I don't much care for round robin emails like that and I couldn't understand half of the emails anyway, which made me feel unaccountably guilty!

I did my best to translate the German to English with good old Google, but what cock up that translation facility is!
The translations came through in back to front Yoda speak, that didn't seem to make sense at all to me.
I think some were possibly answering other peoples comments, which I hadn't read, so wouldn't have known anything about anyway,
but even so, I still felt guilty lol
Well, I have plenty to probably feel guilty about, so I am afraid I opted out, for a comfortable conscience : )

I ended up blocking the many, many emailers, so my sincere apologies if you were one of them.
It really wasn't personal and I have not intended to offend any of you.
Anyway here is the completed basket, though I will also knit a little  blanket ( some when!) for it too I think and use up some of my pastel double knit odds and ends.

I now think maybe the basket needs painting, maybe white,
what do you think?
It's big enough that Evie will likely just sit in it herself knowing her lol and Harvey cat has already tried it out, Ha!  cats eh ....

Oh and I remade the first block for the Splendid Sampler so this one is the right size! My previous one was an inch too large all round - hey ho!
There is a 2nd block released but I haven't got as far as looking at that yet, and I think the 3rd will be released tomorrow, so maybe I should get a move on!

I am quilting as I go with these, well with this one,  so far!
Anything to avoid having to quilt a huge cover at the end lol

There's a beautiful moon outdoors and at last the days are lengthening.
The longer and lighter the days, the better my spirits, how about you?


  1. Dear Lyn,
    we were trying to find a way to communicate within the SAL group, and since our finishes were supposed to be kept secret until the last of February it seemed a good idea to write E-mails back and forth. I am sorry for the inconvenienced this caused, and I am happy to see that you still stuck with your plan to create a doll quilt for your basket! Thanks for sewing along.

    1. I know Katrin and thank you for explaining. I hope others will still jump in and join you for the last fortnight of the challenge, IT IS a lovely idea and you have organised it really well, its me that's the odd bod LOL

      I am really looking forward to seeing what the other members have done. My own is quite simple but will suit my granddaughter - or the cat if she doesn't use it lol

      : ) Lyn

  2. Definitely a lovely little basket...perhaps would make a nice sewing basket? Provided the cat gets out of it long enough! Your wee blanket turned out wonderfully .

  3. Liebe Lyn
    I am to have found me your beautiful blog with your beautiful work.
    You have made a very nice fifth for the charming basket
    I like the Splendid sampler too I know yet whether I should now start friends or would like to
    Creative regards Marika

  4. Love your basket Lyn and the little quilt is really cute.... looks right at home there! Your Splendid Sampler block looks good too! Have a good week! Christine x

  5. Hi Lyn,
    your Dollquilt is an awesome thing for the little basket :)
    Alle the best, Katrin

  6. Dear Lyn,
    Your little Quilt is wunderful!
    Greetings, Marita

  7. Dear Lyn,
    thats a really lovely and cute little Quilt!!! Love it!

  8. very much liking both the quilt and basket I never manage to find buys like that. Good to say hi to another Yorkshire lady